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Evaris offers a range of consultancy based services designed to maximise the return from your IT investment. Our experienced, knowledgeable team use a range of cutting edge technology tools to specify, recommend and deliver technology solutions that are cost effective and aligned with your organisational goals.

IT Transformation
Evaris helps organisations with transformation across the IT stack. We have the knowledge, experience and commercial acumen to specify and deliver technology solutions that are aligned with your strategic objectives.
Evaris provides a suite of procurement solutions that help organisations select, source and deploy technology products and services simply, quickly and cost effectively. We have the vendor relationships, stockholding and in-house expertise to assist with all stages of the IT lifecycle, from pre-sales scoping and selection to purchasing, fulfilment and post-sale servicing.
Live Optics
Live Optics is a tool that allows users to record, visualise and collaborate with others to enable data-driven purchase decisions. It gives users the ability to fully analyse current infrastructure usage statistics through the installation of a single, small piece of software designed to run for a 24-hour period to measure key metrics.



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