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  • Dan Gordon from Holovis spoke to Evaris about the company’s latest IT purchase
  • Ensuring Holovis is at the cutting edge of technology is vital to its success

As a world leader in sensory experience design, Holovis holds innovation close to the forefront of everything it does. This dedication was reflected in a recent purchase from Evaris, which saw the company purchase a range of high-end networking equipment and servers. Holovis, which specialises in creating immersive solutions aimed at a wide variety of industries, has returned to Evaris a number of times for further IT purchases after initially being approached by us.

Speaking to Evaris about the company’s recent purchases, Dan Gordon - IT Networks and Systems Specialist at Holovis - explained that technology is an integral aspect of operations at the company, both as part of its customer offering and how it operates internally. As a leader in immersive experiences, it is essential for Holovis to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of innovation.

In many cases, companies purchase new servers and networking equipment to replace older solutions which have become bulky and outdated. However, in the case of Holovis, the company’s recent purchases came in the light of new projects, helping to ensure the brand remains at the forefront.

“While we have had some challenges, the competitive prices and excellent customer service have kept us coming back to Evairs,” Dan remarked, adding: “The team at Evaris showed a great willingness to co-operate with our needs, and this flexibility is something we require.” Mike Cohen, CEO at Evaris, added “We’re proud to be working with Holovis, a company at the forefront of their industry. Our significant stockholding coupled with our ability to source products on demand has proved invaluable for a number of key Holovis projects.”

In his role at Holovis, Dan services the IT requirements for the whole business, ensuring that project leaders are well informed with regards to appropriate technology and suppliers. He explained that the responsibilities of the department are constantly evolving with greater responsibilities and emphasis placed on IT growth.

About Holovis

From its UK headquarters, Holovis specialises in sensory experience design in the entertainment, industrial, retail and retail brand sectors. The company can design, build, install and support even the most complex requirements, while delivering cost effective solutions.

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