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Matches Fashion

  • Pravin Gorsia from Matches Fashion spoke to Evaris about a recent purchase to be used in-house
  • Purchasing technology plays a significant role in expansion for the company

Luxury fashion retailer Matches Fashion recently purchased a number of IT components from Evaris, which would be used to support increasing demand for smooth-running in house IT operations for the expanding brand. The company, which has grown from a single shop to a string of 11 stores over the past 17 years, bought back-office equipment including servers, hard drives and backup storage after finding Evaris through an initial Google search.

During a chat with Evaris about the company’s recent purchases, Mr Gorsia explained that IT plays an integral role in the overall performance of Matches Fashion. As a fashion brand with a customer-facing interface, technology is necessary in order for the firm to develop, and it is critical that it functions to keep up with the growing demands of the business.

While many companies purchase new servers and storage to replace older solutions, Matches Fashion uses its IT equipment to support growing demand for fast-paced, reliable equipment in house, which will, in turn, impact the customer-facing aspect. So, rather than disposing of the older equipment, the company’s purchases now work alongside it, therefore reducing down time and helping to push forward for further growth.

“The nature of our business means we very often need things yesterday, but order them today, and we found the way Evaris approached our needs very agreeable for the way we operate,” Mr Gorsia explained. “We were very pleased with the service we received from Albie and the team, and we have proven this by returning to them since for further purchases.”

Mr Gorsia’s role at Matches Fashion is split between making purchases, looking for the right technologies and providing support. This can start with a usual daily issue, such as something breaking and needing looking at, but then goes on to looking at additional solutions and investing in new pieces of equipment then tracking down what would be the best fit for the business in terms of both expandability and cost.

About Matches Fashion

Matches Fashion is a luxury fashion brand, which has enjoyed notable growth in the past 17 years, expanding from one store to 11 that are dotted across Wimbledon, Notting Hill and Richmond.


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