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Tower Supplies

  • Evaris spoke to Tower Supplies about a number of purchases, which we assembled, configured and tested free of charge
  • The tight deadline involved in this series of transactions meant we were up against it, but hard work and collaboration meant the process progressed smoothly 
  • The latest Intel v5 chipset Gen9 servers were among the purchases made by the personal protective equipment specialist

When Evaris was tasked with the job of assembling, configuring and testing various pieces of hardware for Tower Supplies ahead of its scheduled integration into the company’s existing infrastructure, we didn’t shy away from the challenge. The personal protective equipment specialist needed a number of products to be supplied quickly and efficiently, and we were happy to provide them.

With Tower Supplies, we were thrilled that our extensive product knowledge and ability to provide our services to a tight schedule were among the reasons we were selected against our competitors.

Robert King, Director of Finance and IT at Tower Supplies, contacted Evaris and a number of other hardware e-tailers while conducting some initial research into the business’s potential purchases. However, after discussing the requirements with Evaris, he was impressed by the amount of time we dedicated to fully understanding the needs of Tower Supplies, and the advice we supplied regarding the kit list the organisation would need moving forward.

In order to demonstrate our expertise, Evaris was happy to provide Robert with a number of potential pitfalls that he could put to other companies he contacted to test whether they had sufficient product knowledge. Needless to say, they didn’t. Furthermore, one of our competitors gave an indicative cost that was several magnitudes higher than ours, only for it to dramatically reduce once they became aware of the quote provided by Evaris. Unsurprisingly, this led to Robert doubting the authenticity of the other sellers.

The kit list supplied to Tower Supplies was extensive and complex to configure by nature. It included Intel v4 chipset Gen9 servers, plus an MSA2040 SAN storage array, both of which were to be used as part of expansion plans at the business. Evaris assembled, configured and tested the hardware free of charge prior to dispatch in order to minimise time, cost and labour required upon receipt of the goods.

During the last few days of discussions around the order, the specifications required changed several times, requiring multiple updates to the quotes. However, Rob liaised with multiple members of the Evaris team during this period, and we worked together seamlessly to progress the project to the point of order, and kept him abreast of any developments.

Evaris was able to fulfill the order working to a tight schedule and synchronise delivery with IT resources Tower Supplies had scheduled to integrate the hardware to their existing infrastructure.

Mike Cohen, CEO at Evaris, said: “At Evaris, we pride ourselves on catering our service to the individual needs of the businesses we deal with, and we’re confident that our approach is well suited to organisations with a diverse mix of requirements.


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