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Email is a valuable tool used daily in businesses around the world, and the way employees conduct themselves using this form of communication can leave a lasting impression. A professional email signature serves an important purpose in creating a positive image for a business or brand, so it is essential that you consider yours as more than a mere afterthought. 

Signatures can include dynamic marketing content, including social media icons, promotional banners and award logos that demonstrate the capabilities of your business and its staff. Furthermore, it’s even possible to have a different email signature design for different departments, which can give different areas of your business their own unique identities. 

What makes a good email signature?

So, what does a good email signature look like? We give our tips below. 

  1. Have three to four lines of text, nothing more - this could be your name and job title. Then, the company name with a link to your website, and your contact telephone number. 
  2. Include any links to social media profiles, as well as your company blog or your portfolio. 
  3. Add a simple image, such as your company logo or a photograph of yourself. This should be something eye-catching and memorable. Remember to make this a high-quality image. 

Make your email signature look professional, but be careful not to make it too long by including an overwhelming amount of information. A black and white signature can be just as effective as one with colour, and the key to an attention-grabbing signature can be in the font and design that you choose to use. 

Business email signatures should represent your company as a whole. There may be higher corporate standards expected for this, which can include the requirement for a confidentiality statement, the use of corporate colours/fonts, corporate links and including the company address. 

Designing your own company logo can be stressful and time-consuming, but there are professional signature builders available to help you get the perfect design for your business. 

The best advice is to keep it clean and modern. A sleek, uncluttered signature will leave a lasting impression on any recipient. 

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