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We are thrilled to announce our appointment as a supplier within the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud framework. The latest iteration of the platform went live this week with the inclusion of 700 new suppliers, bringing the total number to 4,200.
According to the CCS, more than 90% of all the suppliers listed are small and medium enterprises, and of the £4.79 billion spent through the platform since 2012, £2.15 billion has gone directly to SMEs.
G-Cloud is listed on the government’s Digital Marketplace, and will host more than 31,000 services for public sector buyers.
The recent developments mean Evaris now has a route to supply our cloud portfolio of services, Software Asset Management and Application Containerisation, to the public sector. Enhancing the utilisation of software and services within government is a key aim for us, working in line with CCS guidelines.
As part of our addition to the platform, Evaris has hand-picked a number of hosted solutions in line with the CCS’s priorities of utilisations and usage:

  1. Scalable Asset Vision allows organisations to have all the advantages of Software Asset Management for their Cloud application solutions. As ESA footprint reduces in Public Sector in favour of CSP, monthly billing and monthly usage reporting, Scalable Asset Vision enables this to be tracked on mobile, workstation or server. Therefore, ensuring not only software compliance, but utilisation and subscription optimisation.
  2. Droplet provides application containerisation, which allows any app to be run on any device - what makes our container solution different from other containers is that we do not require you to be connected to the Cloud to run your applications. Your applications run locally on your device online as well as offline.

We have also included class-leading support and management for Microsoft O365 and Azure, improving management, along with onboarding and offboarding users, and VMs. We have seen a large uptake of CSP within Government, allowing organisations to change subscription numbers on a monthly basis, instead of an annual True Up.

In managing this process, Evaris has delivered real savings to Government, by ensuring only the software subscriptions being utilised are being paid for, instead of dormant licenses within an annual Enterprise Agreement. We plan to further assist the Government to convert to this licensing model, delivering a true “pay for use” model rather than only addressing user numbers annually.
G-Cloud was originally launched in 2012 as an innovative vehicle for government buyers to get access to cloud services. At that time, the pre-approved nature of the platform was almost unheard of, giving businesses looking for technology suppliers a transparent list of services to choose from. G-Cloud sees large and small suppliers side by side within a framework, on equal footing.
This is a fantastic breakthrough for us and enhances our route to market, we very much look forward to working closely with Government organisations in the future.

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