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Office 365 has been around for almost a decade now and really has become the default for many businesses. It’s able to deliver a wealth of productivity tools no matter the size of your business or the vertical market you work in. But there always comes a time when software (as well as hardware) needs to be upgraded. 

Why? I hear you ask…. 

The average car owner changes vehicle every 3 years. Smartphones every 24 months, TV’s every 24 months. Kettles, Toasters, you can see where this is going...

Upgrades bring improvements so why wouldn’t you want something better? Yes,  these improvements do come at a cost, but not improving can be a bigger cost. Imagine you stay on your legacy package that doesn’t really provide much intel by way of reporting. How can you identify areas for efficiency improvements? How can you see the areas where your company is most profitable? Older systems often don't provide access to this type of data and if it is available, mining it can take a long time. 

We worked on a project for a current client who took 4-5 days collating data together from several locations in order for them then to be able invoice out. This process is now down to less than 3hrs.  So, by not upgrading your software your admin costs could be sky high! 

Office 2013 is a legacy product, it’s 7 years old! We’ve seen Office 2016 come and go and now the latest version is Office 2019. 

If you have Office 365 for your emails and boxed product Office 2013, you’re going to find that your Outlook desktop and mobile application will no longer sync with Office 365. There are a number of options for you: 

1)    Upgrade to Office 2019 boxed product
2)    Upgrade to Office 365 Pro Plus 
3)    Upgrade to another Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription.

Before you go ahead and upgrade or subscribe to a new service talk to us. We can inform you which Office 365 subscriptions available and advise which ones have the applications that would be most suitable for your business. 

The Office 2013 connection will cease to work from October 31st 2020. Don’t wait until your emails stop working, take action today. 



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