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Businesses operating on a tight budget may be unaware of the benefits of schemes such as HP Renew. Here, we give the lowdown on this opportunity. 

What is HP Renew? 

The Hewlett Packard Renew program provides high-quality HP products that have been completely ‘remanufactured’ and put out for sale with a full, same-as-new warranty. 

Remanufactured products are those that have been sent back to HP for a variety of reasons (for example, demo stock or customer returns) and subjected to a stringent rebuild and restoration process, returning them to ‘good as new’ condition. 

HP Renew products are good as new because they must all undergo a comprehensive series of factory tests and verification processes in order to receive the Renew accreditation. 

Why buy HP Renew? 

Great value for money - HP Renew offers an extensive portfolio of refurbished HP computing products. Offering the same reliability and performance as new HP products, but for a significantly lower price than the equivalent new product, it is the perfect high-quality alternative for those on a limited budget. 

HP-certified quality - All HP Renew products undergo a thorough refurbishment and testing process, fully restoring the functional quality of the product. It is only then that they will qualify for a HP base warranty - which guarantees HP functional quality and reliability, like the new products. 

HP Warranty - HP Renew products are covered by the same HP base warranty as new products, which starts from the date of purchase of the HP Renew product. HP warranty guarantees the product’s functional quality and reliability. Additional service and support options may be available to complement the original HP product warranty on some products. 

Eco friendly - Reduce your overall environmental impact, while taking advantage of an affordable alternative to your business needs with HP Renew. HP Renew ensures that, by refurbishing and redeploying returned, loaned or trial units, these products are fully utilised and don’t end up in landfills. 

Identifying a HP Renew Product 

HP Renew products are distinguished from their new counterparts by the addition of an "R" to the HP part number. For example, if the new product number is 397411-B21, the equivalent HP Renew product number will be 397411R-421.

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