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Some internet routers are likely to be affected by a major security flaw that could allow hackers to infiltrate home networks. 

This is according to research carried out by TheBestVPN, which uncovered some vulnerabilities in routers from some of the biggest device managers in the world, including those from NetGear, D-Link and ZTE. 

Analysts found that all three contained software flaws that could allow malicious access, which TheBestBPN said could result in a “complete takeover” of home routers from cyber criminals. 

And the most worrying thing? Researchers said the hacking process is actually incredibly straightforward. 

Improving router security 

The team from TheBestVPN said all criminals need to do is to create a page with a basic javascript or html form. When a user clicks on this, or lands on the webpage, external functionalities can be launched that allow personal data to be exploited.

What’s more, the launch can even be triggered by visiting a single website or image, meaning users will need to be on their guard constantly. TheBestVPN said the main at-risk products include the Netgear DGN2200 and DGN2200M, Dlink DIR-300, and ZTE F660. However, it also warned that other products are also likely to be affected. 

Users are warned to patch their routers immediately, while exercising caution when going online. 

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