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With the bad weather very much upon us but Office 365 can be your saviour. Many businesses will be facing the inevitable phone calls from staff members who are unable to get to work. Either because they are snowed in, the roads are too bad for the cars to drive on, or schools have closed, and they have no one to look after the kids.

Whilst the suggestion of bringing them to work may pop into their heads, realistically it is not a viable option. No business can cope with several kids dotted around the office, and stressed parents trying to focus their attention in two places.

So, what is the solution?

Office 365 allows businesses to store emails and documentation in the cloud, making it accessible anywhere (with a valid internet connection). It gives users a business-class email account with a 50GB mailbox, as well as access to the standard Word, Excel, and PowerPoint programs.

These allow for business collaboration and continuity, and with Microsoft, your data is safe.

OneDrive for Business and SharePoint gives you 2TB of storage space (1TB personal in OneDrive and 1TB company-wide in SharePoint), giving users plenty of Cloud storage for all documentation. Whilst also allowing for collaboration where needed.

Skype for Business allows you to IM, video chat and share screens with others within the company. Making that Monday morning meeting, that little bit easier.

But what about those features that are not as well known?

Power BI gives you enterprise level analytics, so you can monitor your business data directly from your device. Whether it’s a quick overview, or an in-depth review, you can see watch how your business is growing.

Yammer provides an enterprise level social network platform, helping to make your job more productive. You can stay connected to people and information suitable to you and your business, both in the office and on the go, allowing you to collaborate in real time.

Microsoft Flow allows you to create automated workflows between the apps you use the most, helping to streamline your business. Giving you time to focus on other business activities.

Microsoft Planner lets you take the stress out of organising projects. Your team can create plans, organise and assign tasks. Whilst Keeping up to date on the progress of ongoing projects, all within one app.

Sway is the digital story telling app, allowing you to easily create and share reports, presentations, and more.

Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate in the moment, keeping everyone up to date with what is happening in your business. You can view chat history, schedule meetings, and update threads on the go.

All of this means that should that heavy snow settle, and your staff can’t get into the office, they can work from home. This means your business can continue running.






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