The top five business IT trends to look out for in 2019
As we enter the final month of 2018, many business leaders will be taking stock of the significant changes that have affected the enterprise IT landscape over the last year - as well as looking forward to the continued evolution that awaits in the year ahead.
Global Ransomware Attacks – Why they were successful.
Last week’s Ransomware attacks have made global news. Though while the Ransomware attacks have been alarming, what is more interesting to us as an I.T. company is the number of aged networks still currently out there that really should have been updated.
As Article 50 is triggered - what does Brexit mean for the tech industry?
The UK technology sector was an incredibly vocal supporter of Britain remaining in the European Union. In the lead-up to the referendum, large tech corporations spoke out several times in support of remaining part of the bloc, and it was undoubtedly a blow when the news of the British people voting to leave broke on the morning of 24th June.
Technology in education - what’s next?
Life in the classroom is changing, and children are increasingly using their knowledge of computers and handheld gadgets to put this experience into practice while at school. Gone are the days of sitting at a desk and working on tasks alone, the age of collaborative learning is officially upon us - and schools are increasingly looking to incorporate technology into the everyday lives of children, of course, within the constraints of ever-dwindling budgets.

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