The Office 365 Misconception
If you want to keep your organisation's data safe in the cloud, you should not be relying exclusively on Office 365. Here's why...
The future of Office 2013
If you're using Office 365 for your emails and boxed product Office 2013 for the rest of your applications, you’re going to find that you desktop and mobile application Outlook will no longer sync with Office 365. There are a number of solutions available...
Is your business using the cloud more than you realise?
At Evaris, we speak to small business owners on a daily basis, so we think we know them pretty well. One of the things we notice time and time again is that many SME owners seem fairly reluctant to migrate their IT network and operations to the cloud, as fears over security and a lack of knowledge in this area continue to put them off.
Office 365 and the Cloud – how can it help your business?
With the bad weather very much upon us but Office 365 can be your saviour. Many businesses will be facing the inevitable phone calls from staff members who are unable to get to work. Either because they are snowed in, the roads are too bad for the cars to drive on, or schools have closed, and they have no one to look after the kids.
Outlook.com – some unknown keyboard short cuts!
Many of us use Outlook for emails and probably have no idea about what Outlook can do. The day to day way we use Outlook bypasses many of the simple little short cuts that Microsoft have put into it. Here’s a list of some that you may find useful when using the keyboard so you don’t have to reach out for your mouse.

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If your business is situated in the Manchester area, we’re right on your doorstep. When an IT issue crops up that can’t be fixed remotely, we can be on-site at your premises in a matter of minutes to make repairs or fix the problem quickly so you can get back to business as usual. You’ll find our technical team friendly, helpful and professional. We’ll explain any work that needs to be carried out and run through your options without baffling you with technical jargon.

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