Business continuity vs. Disaster recovery - Evaris
We explain the key differences between disaster recovery and business continuity in this blog post. Visit the Evaris website today to find out more.
How do you build an effective Business Continuity plan?
In your busiest months have you planned for any downtime? Do you have a business continuity plan in place? Business continuity is a proactive plan which focuses on the long term operational issues of a business. Companies put a risk management plan in place which identifies the people, processes and technology required to continue business operations in the event of any interruption.
Cyber and Data Insurance
Your Cyber Insurance cover in a nutshell Cyber Insurance and Data Insurance are designed to support and protect you from evolving e-risks. It provides comprehensive cover for your computer systems and data, whether electronic or non-electronic.

We are an IT Support company located just outside of Manchester.

If your business is situated in the Manchester area, we’re right on your doorstep. When an IT issue crops up that can’t be fixed remotely, we can be on-site at your premises in a matter of minutes to make repairs or fix the problem quickly so you can get back to business as usual. You’ll find our technical team friendly, helpful and professional. We’ll explain any work that needs to be carried out and run through your options without baffling you with technical jargon.

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