7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Refurbished Computers
Mention the word refurbished to the average man in the street and their first thoughts may be “poor quality”, “unreliable” or “broken”. Whilst for some goods and in turn the associated retailers this would be an accurate assessment, in the computing world the reality is often markedly different.
The IT buying cycle is speeding up - what does this mean for your business?
The IT buying cycle has long since been a source of fascination for us, and other resellers, who specialise in having the knowledge to offer advice at the right moment for both new and existing customers. And for many years, elongated sales cycles have been a bugbear for resellers, as businesses have failed to make purchases in the wake of the financial crisis.

We are an IT Support company located just outside of Manchester.

If your business is situated in the Manchester area, we’re right on your doorstep. When an IT issue crops up that can’t be fixed remotely, we can be on-site at your premises in a matter of minutes to make repairs or fix the problem quickly so you can get back to business as usual. You’ll find our technical team friendly, helpful and professional. We’ll explain any work that needs to be carried out and run through your options without baffling you with technical jargon.

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