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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Evaris provides disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solutions that keep your organisation operational in the face of disaster. 

This cannot be achieved through technology alone - an effective DR solution must encompass both IT infrastructure and the people reliant upon it. 

At Evaris, we go beyond the standard technology-focused approach favoured by generalist providers. Instead, our experienced data protection team will work with you to plan, build, deploy and test a comprehensive, customised solution that keeps your systems online and your workforce productive throughout exceptional circumstances.

Why work with a disaster recovery provider?

There are compelling reasons to outsource disaster recovery and business continuity services to a specialist provider:

Dedicated focus - In the event of a disaster, internal IT departments or production services providers will be focused on systems repair. They’ll be working under pressure and under testing conditions, meaning human error is a real risk, especially if they’re trying to invoke a recovery plan at the same time. Outsourcing DR to a dedicated specialist mitigates this risk and speeds up the recovery process.

Redundancy - In the context of infrastructure, redundancy is a long-established best practice that ensures system continuity when systems fail. The concept is equally applicable to DR. Keeping your primary IT function separate from your DR function gives you redundancy at the supplier level and removes a potential conflict of interest. Faced with an internal systems failure, your primary team can work on restoring operations on-site whilst your DR provider focuses on implementing your recovery plan.

Expertise - Technology does not stand still and IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. Keeping abreast of new products, services and processes is a real challenge for most organisations with an in-house IT function. Many simply do not possess the time, knowledge or skill sets required to devise, implement and maintain an ever-evolving DR plan. It makes strategic and commercial sense to outsource this important work to a company that does.

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Key features & benefits

Choose Evaris as your DR partner and you’ll get enterprise grade business continuity, IT resilience and robust security built to fit your unique requirements. 

UK hosted

All data replicated securely to two ISO27001-certified UK data centres for redundancy and peace of mind.

Pay as you go

No need for expensive hardware in-house. Only pay for the storage you need.

Instant access

24/7/365 access to your data from anywhere via a secure online portal.

Outstanding RPOs

Downtime minimised no matter what the circumstances. Recovery Point Objectives as low as 1 minute.

Impressive RTOs

We’ll agree and set Recovery Time Objectives so that your systems and data are available as soon as you need them. 

Strong SLAs

Reliable, detailed and aggressive SLAs giving you peace of mind that you are fully protected should disaster strike.

24/7 Support

Full support 365 days a year from a UK-based accredited team of data management experts.

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Remote Access

When your local site is offline, workers can login remotely and access systems via their chosen devices wherever they are. 

Bandwidth Control

We can ramp up or throttle your bandwidth to optimise traffic flow and ensure all users are operating efficiently.

Failover & Fallback

Fully rehearsed recovery testing guarantee systems will run smoothly should disruption occur. 

Cloud or On Premise

DR solutions tailored to your needs whether that’s in the cloud, on-site or a mix of both.


We streamline your data at source to improve DR efficiency and avoid costly overprovisioning.


Evaris combines technology with expertise to ensure we devise and implement seamless, resilient business continuity solutions. Our DR services are tailored to meet the needs of your organisation both now and in the future. We employ a twofold approach to ensure ‘business as usual’ is maintained no matter what exceptional circumstances arise.

We protect your physical environment, systems and resources and provide proven failover capabilities should disaster strike.

Our specialist team takes the time to understand your unique risk profile, working practices and business needs before shaping a disaster recovery solution that enables your workforce to function in the face of adversity.

Our methodology

Our approach encompasses three key phases, all underpinned by best practice management and support methodologies:

Discover - We start by defining the business case and capturing both the business and technical objectives. Our technicians will analyse existing IT systems and application interdependencies before documenting your current operating processes. This allows us to identify improvement opportunities and assess your organisation's technological readiness.

Design - Our team will map business objectives to technical requirements, capture your RTO and RPO objectives and devise data and system migration plans. We'll create a configuration blueprint together with a statement of work which includes a failover plan and recovery playbook.

Deploy - Includes data and system migration, system configuration, installation, recovery plan testing as well as failover/failback testing. Handover documentation and training are also provided. Training, ongoing support, monitoring and reporting are also core features of the Evaris service. 

The Evaris difference

A good disaster recovery service provider does more than just protect your technology. Ultimately it’s about the team behind the scenes and their capabilities to support you in time of need. Here’s how Evaris stands apart:

  • UK based team
  • In-house data management expertise
  • Industry leading RPOs
  • All data held securely in UK data centres
  • Impressive customer retention rates
  • Independent, objective advice
  • Certified partnerships with Tier 1 DR providers
  • Consultative approach with no hard sell and no hidden costs
  • Proactive, responsive and experienced team
  • Fixated on delivering competitive advantage through technology



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