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The traditional workplace is obsolete. In today’s mobile and cloud-driven world, the way people work is changing rapidly. Tech-savvy workforces are increasingly using a multitude of devices, accessing company data from numerous locations and often working beyond normal office hours. 

Does your Workplace need a Digital updatE?

Organisations need to rethink how they deliver technology to their workers to empower staff to tackle business challenges and drive productivity.

With so many options available and many factors to consider, how do you choose the perfect devices for your team?


Managing everyone to work effectively, securely and collaboratively raises major organisational challenges. Digital workplace solutions conceived by Evaris can help you tackle these challenging demands, ensuring your business technology empowers your workers and drives productivity both in and out of the office.

Key features & benefits

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative, cutting-edge technology products designed for the diverse ways people like to work. This, coupled with decades of experience consulting with organisations of all types and sizes make Evaris the ideal partner to transform your workforce.

Strategic Consultancy

Technical and commercial expertise to deliver digital workplace strategies that drive real business outcomes. 

PCs & Workstations

Power and performance in compact chassis with unparalleled security and manageability.

Laptops & Tablets

Versatile, lightweight 2-in-1, notebook and tablet devices built for speed and productivity on the move. 

Monitors & Displays

High resolution screens packed with productivity features to suit every need and budget.

Interactive Touchscreens

Multi-touch, feature-rich screens for interactive presentation and learning applications.


Intelligent VoIP, telephony, meeting and presentation solutions for effortless collaboration.


Advanced protection, streamlined management and comprehensive endpoint security.

Office 365

Your email and office applications anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Stress-free, on-demand computing with full lifecycle management of your devices and simple, predictable pricing.

Peripherals & Accessories

A growing portfolio of options to extend capabilities and enhance productivity.

Print & Supplies

Supply and management of your print estate. Bring concepts to life with next-generation 3D printing. 

Lifecycle Solutions

Offset the cost of new technology against your current infrastructure as well as ensuring safe, secure disposal of old equipment.

The Evaris approach 

Evaris-led conversations begin with business outcomes. We take the time to understand your objectives and consider the different ways your team want to work. 

Our team will then align customised, intelligent and future-proof digital workplace solutions that fulfil your strategic objectives and deliver tangible business value. 

Those aren’t the only boxes we seek to tick though; user experience, manageability and underlying security are equally important attributes of the workplace solutions we deploy. Workers must be able to collaborate easily and be productive without having to find workarounds to bypass security measures.

We can provide a fully managed service covering the complete workplace IT lifecycle. Our team are with you every step of the way from product selection, configuration and deployment through to ongoing support, maintenance and hardware refresh. 

The Evaris difference

We find out where, when, how and why people work and combine that information with solutions that empower workers and create agile, innovative and productive workplaces. Here are some other key reasons why Evaris should be your supplier of choice for digital workplace services:

  • Technology accreditations and certifications
  • Strong partnerships with the leading technology vendors
  • Impressive customer retention rates
  • Consultative approach with no hard sell and no hidden costs
  • Proactive, responsive and experienced team
  • Expertise on the latest technology products, services and trends
  • Fixated on delivering competitive advantage through technology


Organisations need to rethink how they deliver technology to their workers to empower staff to tackle business challenges and drive productivity.

With so many options available and many factors to consider, how do you choose the perfect devices for your team? 




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