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Last week’s Ransomware attacks have made global news.

Though while the Ransomware attacks have been alarming, what is more interesting to us as an I.T. company is the number of aged networks still currently out there that really should have been updated. Users and Businesses replace Vehicles, Phones, Payment Cards on a regular basis so why not the core infrastructure of a business? Every business needs the stability of a network to work on. If a computer is faulty, productivity can quickly be disrupted. So why ignore it? Apple and Microsoft spend millions on research and development to ensure that the latest platforms are far more secure than legacy old ones. So why stay behind and risk being attacked?

If you had a thousand-mile journey to drive which would you choose?

A. A ten-year-old car without any technology integration that is showing signs of old age and in the last six months has left you waiting for a recovery service on the hard shoulder a few times!

B. A new car with technology integration so you can make and receive calls whilst on your journey. Services are every 15,000 miles.

Which would you choose? So why not apply the same to your business I.T.
Keep I.T. up to date, be more productive!

Remember: All the attacks we heard of in the news were on aged infrastructure.

What’s your infrastructure strategy?



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