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Many of us use Outlook for emails and probably have no idea about what Outlook can do. The day to day way we use Outlook bypasses many of the simple little short cuts that Microsoft have put into it. Here’s a list of some that you may find useful when using the keyboard so you don’t have to reach out for your mouse.

Write email:

  • Create a new email = Ctrl+N
  • Show address boom = Alt+.
  • Send an email = Ctrl+Ent / Alt+S
  • Reply to an email = Ctrl+R
  • Reply to all on an email = Shift+R
  • Forward and email = Shift+F
  • Check Spelling = F7
  • Insert emojo = Ctrl+Y
  • Save to draft = Ctrl+S

Read Email:

  • Open and email = O+Ent
  • Show blocked content = Shft+I
  • Search emails = /
  • Close an email = Esc
  • Expand or collapse a conversation = X

Go To:

  • Go to Inbox = G then I
  • Go to Flagged = G then L
  • Go to Drafts = G then D
  • Go to Sent = G then S
  • Go to People = Ctrl+3
  • Show keyboard help = ?

Email Actions:

  • Delete an email = Del
  • Archive = E
  • Mark and email as junk = J
  • Move to a folder = V
  • New Folder = Shift+E
  • Categorise and email = C
  • New Category = Shift+G
  • Remove all categories = Y
  • Mark and email as read = Q
  • Mark and email as unread = U
  • Flag and email = Insert
  • Print an email = Shift+P

Email List:

  • Select all emails = S then A
  • Deselect all emails = D then N
  • Move selections downwards = Ctrl+./Down
  • Move selection upwards = Ctrl+,/Up
  • Refresh = M/F9

I hope this helps and you and you find some of the short cuts of use.



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