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94% of teachers recognise that technology can improve student engagement

72% believe behaviour can be improved with technology.

The message  is clear - when teachers leverage technology correctly, learning outcomes improve.

Source: The State of Technology in Education Report 2018/19

Technology is revolutionising the classroom transforming how schools teach and students learn. Traditional educational methods are being shaken up with more connected, collaborative learning experiences, more efficient lesson preparation and a more vibrant, fun classroom just three of the key benefits touted by teachers who have embraced technology.

New technology is great but it must be underpinned by robust security measures to ensure protection from today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and data breaches. You’ll also want to ensure controls are in place to protect students from harmful, inciting and inappropriate content in line with KCSIE guidelines. Evaris supplies comprehensive security solutions that enable educators and students to leverage technology securely both in and out of the classroom.


The future of education

New tech is being widely adopted in the classroom with students and teachers using multiple platform to aid learning and teaching. Technology is not going to replace traditional tools and teaching methods any time soon though. The challenge for schools is to work out how technology can be used to support learning and deliver wider advantages such as more efficient lesson delivery or a more flexible staff working environment. Over the next decade or so, we’re likely to see a shift towards blended learning in which technology is used to supplement traditional teaching resources to deliver a more effective learning experience. 

Flipped classrooms

The widespread access to technology both in and out of the classroom has changed the traditional learning model. We’re seeing a shift in the roles of both teachers and students. Students are increasingly consuming new educational content outside of the classroom via online learning. This allows teachers are moving away from the traditional front of class information relaying role to use classroom sessions to focus on applying the information learned through discussion and practical assignments.  

Lessons that would have traditionally been presented during class time are being available online allowing students to learn anytime, anywhere at their own pace. Activities that would typically constitute homework are being moved back into the classroom with topics being explored in greater depth and more meaningful learning opportunities being created. This is the essence of a flipped classroom - a new, modern educational system that focuses on getting the best out of students. It allows teachers to provide a more personalised, engaging and collaborative learning environment. Students are actively encouraged to get involved in knowledge acquisition and learning.

The role of technology

Technology is fundamental to both blended learning and flipped classroom environments but it’s important to recognise its role is limited to enablement. Accompanying the technology there has to be a concerted approach to ensure the benefits are realised. The Flipped Learning Network defines four key pillars that must be put into practice.

Evaris can help you harness the benefits technology can deliver within education. We are a trusted technology partner for schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions across the UK. Our team have worked with many of these organisations for years, giving us a detailed understanding of the specific needs and procurement challenges facing educational establishments.

We offer the full spectrum of technology solutions from leading vendors, including hardware, software, networking, services and support. From drawing board to deployment, our experienced, accredited team are well-placed to specify and implement tailored ICT solutions.

Explore the advantages Evaris can bring to your organisation. Get in touch with our team today.


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