Desktop PCs provide a good blend of power, performance and upgradeability but lack the portability of laptop or tablet computers. Desktop PCs remain the computer of choice for most businesses because they typically provide more processing power, bigger screens and more comfort than other computers. Desktop PCs are easier to upgrade and use standard components making them an attractive and cost effective computer over the long term.

When choosing a desktop PC, the most important components to consider include the processor, memory and hard drive. Be sure to select a desktop PC which has the specification you need to cope with the requirements of the applications you intend to use but ensure there’s room to spare for future growth and expansion. Connectivity is also important and you’ll want to ensure enough ports are available to connect external devices such as monitors or USB devices. If you intend to use your desktop for video, design or other specialist tasks such as 3d rendering, look for a model with a dedicated graphics card.

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IT products and services from Evaris

We supply IT products and managed services to thousands of customers, including small to medium-sized businesses as well as the public sector.

Our talented and friendly team of experienced IT specialists are passionate about helping our customers fulfil their technology needs. We can provide complete IT solutions, including workplace, data centre, storage and networking products, backed by the supporting services needed to implement and support your infrastructure securely - whether that’s on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid solution.

The Evaris difference

    We live and breathe technology. Our team have accrued fantastic feedback for their knowledge and service levels.
    We offer the speed and flexibility that vendors and distributors typically struggle to deliver.
    We hold long-standing client relationships and have attracted testimonials and case studies for the technology solutions we’ve implemented.
    From product selection right through to configuration, deployment, licensing and ongoing support. You are in safe hands with Evaris.
    Accreditations and partnerships with leading technology vendors.
    We take a holistic, impartial approach focused on identifying the right technology solutions and tailoring them to the needs of your organisation.