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Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Basic (v. 16.0) - licence

Manufacturer part number (MPN): FTS:D01918G80H
Fujitsu ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser Basic - (v. 16.0) - licence - Tier S - Linux, Win, Solaris
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ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser simplifies setup of disk storage systems and the management of ETERNUS storage environments. Its ability to manipulate complex storage configurations and settings, via a user friendly graphical interface, enables you to implement storage environments with ease and without high-level skills. Once operational ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser supports stable system operation by providing centralized management for the entire storage environment, including servers and fiber channel switches. ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser also provides storage system lifecycle functions, from configuration to maintenance. The resulting improved availability and stable operation will reduce your operation management costs, support green IT and enable implementation of virtualized IT systems.

  • Allocating full capacity disk space to servers with limited physical disk capacity
  • Visualization and threshold monitoring provides presumption of physical disk supplement and prevents physical disk shortage
  • Visualization the relationship each elements, such as applications to storage systems, which compose customers business
  • Stop disks rotation when not in use
  • Visualization of power consumption and temperature
  • Visualization of historical performance of disk storage systems and fiber channel switches
  • Provides workload conditions, bottlenecks and alarm with the threshold setting
  • Visualization of physical connection for each storage systems and servers including VM guest level
  • Configuration of logical connection of servers, FC switches and storage systems
  • Automated data movement to appropriate drive through policy-based profiles
  • Start with a small storage system
    Thin Provisioning enables you to start by using limited physical disk capacity while allocating the full capacity requirement as virtual disks to servers. Physical disks can then be added as usage demands without effect on server operation. This reduces both initial and ongoing costs as well as power consumption. ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser provides threshold monitoring which prevents physical disk capacity shortages. Its visualization of physical capacity changes allows system administrators to predict shortages and provide capacity expansion in a timely manner. This ensures operation halts are avoided.
  • Device configuration and resource relationship visualization
    ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays the relationships and linkages between disk drives and other resources, such as application server file systems, connection paths, mirrored disks and databases, to be displayed in a single display. This provides administrators with an accurate understanding of all resource relationships. It also allows them to more accurately proceed with storage expansions, resolve failures and recover operational status without problems. All data displayed can be saved in files and useful for off-line configuration checking and for comparison with previous configurations.
  • Power saving storage
    With ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser, the eco-mode function of ETERNUS Disk storage systems can be managed with a full understanding of servers and disk storage system requirements. Eco-mode reduces storage power consumption by stopping disk rotation when not in use. In addition, with some systems, power consumption efficiency and temperature can be displayed and checked or written to file.
  • Understanding performance bottlenecks
    The ability to display performance information from fiber channel switches and disk storage systems in graphical form means system administrators can understand device operation status, workload conditions and identify resource bottlenecks. In addition, threshold settings enable ETERNUS SF to sound an alarm when devices reach set limits. Further all the information gathered by these functions can be stored in file formats that enable the production of periodic reports.
  • San management for the entire storage system
    ETERNUS SF Storage Cruiser displays all physical connection conditions for each storage device and for each device linkage including VM guests. This helps avoid mis-operation and the implementation of incorrect settings during SAN installation and operation.
Full Specification
Category Networking applications - storage management
Product Type Licence
Version 16.0
Platform Linux, Windows, Solaris
Licence Type 1 licence
Hardware Pricing Tier S

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