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Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly insidious in their techniques designed to breach security and make your life difficult. Trying to remember a litany of passwords for your many different accounts, spread across disparate systems or software as a service (SaaS) platforms is a challenging task in itself. More importantly, it is a glaring weakness in your organisation’s cybersecurity, with multiple opportunities for hackers to obtain sensitive data.

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What is Centrify?

Centrify is a market-leading identity management platform. It is designed to protect users from having their login details stolen by unifying all of your login details into one single point of access, minimising the accounts that can be attacked. Centrify offers unique benefits compared to competitors as it takes a cloud-based approach to identity management. As such, your organisation will be able to avoid higher costs associated with procuring, integrating and deploying disparate identity solutions across different teams and accounts.

Centrify has some useful features that your organisation can use immediately, including privilege service, server suite and Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Why do I need Centrify?

Centrify seriously beefs up your security for logging into your work accounts. You will be able to link all the logins your organisation use into Centrify. This even includes SaaS platforms you may use, such as cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Your organisation will also be able to take advantage of MFA. Attackers will find it harder to breach your security if you use MFA technology as you will be able to set up additional layers of login authorisation. For instance, you can set up mobile phone authorisation to operate in tandem with your password login.

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