Cloud technology is one of the biggest innovations in web-based technology since the internet was invented. The application of the cloud has allowed organisations to leverage software of enterprise-class organisations at a fraction of the cost. However, this has exposed a dangerous precedent where data stored on cloud systems goes unencrypted and unchecked. Hackers can easily obtain data from the cloud and do with it as they please.

CipherCloud offers organisations a comprehensive encryption platform for all of their cloud-based data, on whatever cloud platform they are using. Find out how we can help secure your organisation’s cloud data with CipherCloud by speaking to the Evaris team on 0330 124 1245. Alternatively, get in touch with us through our contact form and we can help.

What is CipherCloud?

CipherCloud is a platform that encrypts data that is stored on the cloud. It works by acting as a gateway between an organisation and the location where your data is stored. CipherCloud encrypts data in real-time before sending the data into a cloud environment using a technique called Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE).

You are only able to decrypt the encrypted data when yourself or another authorised user retrieves the data from the cloud and uses locally stored decryption keys to decrypt the data. Your encryption keys are used to keep your data secure, are never shared on your cloud platform of choice and will always remain on local devices.

CipherCloud offers a range of additional features including disaster recovery, malware detection and cloud environment monitoring.

Why do I need CipherCloud?

With cloud technology being one of the fastest growing areas in IT - coupled with the benefits cloud technology brings - it is difficult to imagine a world without the cloud. As such, encrypting data that is placed on the cloud is critically important to ensure data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

With add-ons being released constantly - to add functionality for cloud applications, this can present issues for unwitting users that may download add-ons that compromise their system as a-service (SaaS) product. CipherCloud monitors over 15,000 cloud applications as part of its service, and this includes all add-ons for these cloud applications too. So you can use CipherCloud’s drill-down dashboard to identify risky apps that may cause potential security issues.

Get help today

Data encryption is important for organisations that handle sensitive or personal information. CipherCloud is an essential piece of technology for those that handle this data on the cloud. If you want to improve the security of your organisation and are interested in data encryption, give Evaris a call on 0330 124 1245. Alternatively, fill out our contact form and we will have somebody call you back at a time of your choosing.

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