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Often forgotten about, antivirus software should be the backbone of a comprehensive security strategy for any organisation. Antivirus software helps to combat malicious programmes that can do your business harm. 

ESET Endpoint Antivirus (ESET) is one of Evaris preferred antivirus platforms and you can find out how it will protect your business by calling us on 0330 124 1245. If you can’t get to a phone, fill out our contact form instead and we will arrange a callback.

What is ESET Endpoint Antivirus?

ESET delivers comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware and malware. Your organisation will benefit from antivirus software that offers protection from damaging malware such as WannaCry; chief culprit behind the devastating cyberattack that crippled organisations around the world in 2017.

It works by constantly scanning your network for viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Before they’re allowed to wreak havoc, ESET stops these malicious programmes and quarantines them in an area where they cannot do any damage to your systems and your business.  

Why do we need ESET?

ESETs antivirus boasts an award-winning ‘Anti-Phishing’ engine that constantly works to protect sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, when your employees visit a fake website. It also features a raft of advanced technologies built into it, including cloud-powered scanning, device control and many more.

ESET is also renowned for leveraging fewer system resources than its counterparts, so it is a great solution for those looking for an antivirus platform that operates with a very small footprint on system resources. ESET is also very useful for operating in virtual machines (VMs), because of the low system resource requirement.

Finally, ESET is geared up to be compliant with GDPR in May 2018. It offers DESlock encryption technology, so you can encrypt any mobile device ahead of GDPR coming into effect. ESET also offer a series of whitepapers, webinars and resources to help you and your business adhere to GDPR.

Get Help Today

If you want to take a holistic approach to your cyber security, get in contact with Evaris today on 0330 124 1245. If you cannot call us, fill out our contact form and we will have a member of our security team call you back at a time of your choosing.