VASCO supplies numerous biometric and access management solutions designed to improve cybersecurity for organisations just like yours. Biometrics use human characteristics such as fingerprints, people's faces and irises to act as authentication for logging into devices in the workplace.

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What is VASCO?

VASCO is an organisation that specialises in providing digital security and eSignature solutions for businesses. The brand offers numerous technologies, including:

eSignLive: a digital platform that captures signatures digitally and stores them in a database. The technology is particularly useful for businesses that want to digitise capturing signatures, for instance, courier services or estate agents.

DIGIPASS for Apps: a comprehensive software development kit that natively integrates application security, two-factor authentication and electronic signing into mobile applications. Through a library of application programming interfaces (APIs), you can strengthen application security and streamline application development and deployment.

IDENTIKEY Risk Manager: uses sophisticated, real-time risk analysis to deliver protection when patterns of fraudulent activity are detected. IDENTIKEY works in the shadows to collect and score activities based in analysis of behavioural, contextual data. IDENTIKEY automatically steps up security where required and provides a raft of reporting features for IT managers to act upon.

Why should my business consider VASCO?

Digital transformation is impacting every aspect of our day-to-day lives, and in some cases,  technology is rendering entire business models obsolete. But as the relentless march of technology continues, security is a major concern for businesses - especially when it comes to mobile applications. Mobile phones contain a wealth of data about the user, can be easily lost and have their information exploited by cybercriminals.

VASCO’s suite of solutions is geared towards providing the very best in mobile security technology to ensure your organisation is protected when things go wrong with your mobile platforms.

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If you are worried about your mobile security at your organisation, consider mobile security solutions from VASCO. With cybercrime on the rise and Bring your Own Device (BYOD) increasing in popularity, there are more opportunities than ever for things to go wrong.

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