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Server Processors

If you're looking to improve the speed and power of your server, upgrading or installing additional processors can have a big impact. We offer a range of server processors for both current server models as well as older, retired servers. Read more
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  1. £1,046.12 ex VAT £1,255.34 inc VAT
  2. £25.00 ex VAT £30.00 inc VAT
  3. £460.00 ex VAT £552.00 inc VAT
  4. £390.00 ex VAT £468.00 inc VAT
  5. £597.37 ex VAT £716.84 inc VAT
  6. £695.00 ex VAT £834.00 inc VAT
  7. £536.70 ex VAT £644.04 inc VAT
  8. £360.51 ex VAT £432.61 inc VAT
  9. £95.00 ex VAT £114.00 inc VAT
  10. £695.74 ex VAT £834.89 inc VAT
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The IT professionals who choose to buy from us do so because of our competitive prices, excellent customer service and the knowledge that we know our stuff - 30 years in the industry ensures we match our customers with the right products for their business.

Take a look at the range of server processors we offer above, and narrow down you choice by filtering by manufacturer, processor type, processor speed and socket type. If you're looking for a specific processor but can't find it online, get in touch as we can often source additional stock quickly.

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