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Tape Backup

Evaris stocks a range of cost-effective, durable tape drives and libraries for backup and archiving purposes. Read more
  1. £600.00 ex VAT £720.00 inc VAT

We also supply a broad selection of tape media products and data cartridges including DLT, SDLT, LTO and DDS/DAT tapes as well as other formats such as AIT, RDX and Travan. Tapes have huge storage capacities and excellent transfer rates - LTO tapes are available with capacities of 800Gb and data transfer rates of up to 160Mb/s.

You can filter our tape drive stock by enclosure type - internal, external or rack-mountable - as well as the amount of native and compressed storage on offer.

If you need assistance choosing the correct device for your needs, get in touch with our team today. We have over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and are dedicated to making your job easier.

Browse our tape backup products above.

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