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With the future demise of the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, many organisations find themselves asking what next? Sign up for another 3 years? Extend where possible? Explore other options? 

The Evaris Software License Team can help with these questions. Recruited from LSP’s we have over 30 years of Software Licensing knowledge and experience. We consult with you, discuss future requirements, and offer flexible solutions which enable cost savings, but also enable you to utilise the most from your software investment.

Evaris is a CSP reseller and can demonstrate why an annual contract with a monthly billing cycle can save up to 30% on your software expenditure in the first 12 months. 

No longer be tied to 3 year contracts with annual user updates, you can easily change numbers from month to month – only paying for what you use.

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Adding Licenses and payment:

CSP - Monthly or Annually, user numbers can be changed each month based on employee numbers and useage.
EA – Pay for all months up to Anniversary, regardless of future change in user numbers, or at Anniversary with licence reservation.

Reducing Licences:

CSP – At any time with no penalty
EA – At Anniversary, to a minimum of 500 User SL’s

Minimum Entry

CSP – single user licence subscription
EA – 500 Users

The Evaris difference in migrating from EA to CSP:

  • Software License knowledge and experience
  • Software Asset Management solutions to manage subscriptions and track useage – even off premise
  • Licence cost calculator to illustrate cost savings
  • Professional Services
  • Full portfolio of additional MSP software delivery services
  • Self service portal or easy monthly reporting tools
  • Regular reviews meetings to discuss cost saving opportunities
  • Licence specialists to discuss current and future requirements

So before blindly renewing your EA with your LSP, speak to the Evaris Software Team – boutique service, enterprise credentials!

Microsoft CSP is the only true way to pay for what you use on a monthly basis, we’ll guide you through how it works and how it can save you money.



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