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Evaris provides a suite of procurement solutions that help organisations select, source and deploy technology products and services simply, quickly and cost effectively. We have the vendor relationships, stockholding and in-house expertise to assist with all stages of the IT lifecycle, from pre-sales scoping and selection to purchasing, fulfilment and post-sale servicing.

We are independent and vendor agnostic, which means we can offer impartial advice on thousands of technology products and services. Our end-to-end expertise encompasses IT hardware, software, services and licensing. 

Whether you need the latest equipment or perhaps a hard to find end of life part, Evaris have the capability to deliver.

Why outsource procurement?

Technology continues to evolve rapidly, meaning IT products and services are becoming increasingly complex. Organisations face a regular deluge of new solutions and consumption models, so keeping up with the frantic pace of change requires time to build knowledge and expertise that few organisations have access to internally. 

Technology sourcing is often a demanding process - it takes time, expertise and the right relationships to ensure the solutions you end up with fit in with your existing systems and support your business objectives. 

Outsourcing procurement to a technology specialist alleviates these burdens, reduces the risks of expensive errors or overspending, and frees you to focus on running your business.


Key features & benefits

Evaris is a true end-to-end IT procurement specialist. We help organisations with the entire technology lifecycle, from initial concept to product selection, implementation and ongoing management. Here are just some of the key features of our procurement service. 

IT Recycling

Offset the cost of new technology against your current infrastructure as well as ensuring safe, secure disposal of old equipment.

Substantial Stockholding

A multi-million pound physical inventory for rapid and efficient fulfilment of IT commodities.

Purchasing Power

Our team of well-connected, experienced buyers have strong supply chain relationships, which means you get the best price and stellar service.

Vendor Accreditations

Shop with confidence. Evaris hold accreditations and strategic partnerships with leading hardware and software vendors.

Fully Managed Service

A broad range of managed IT solutions and support services to maximise the value of your technology investment. 


Order thousands of everyday run rate IT products quickly and securely via our web store, which shows real-time stock levels and pricing.

Contract & Licence Management

Our managed services team help you streamline contract management, simplify licensing and alleviate the admin burden.

Value Added Services

Pre-delivery configurations, imaging, testing and advance replacements are just a few of the value-added services we can provide.

Flexible Financing

Spread the cost of equipment over its useful life with a range of cost-effective and flexible finance solutions.

Procurement Specialists

Whether it’s the latest hardware or end-of-life parts, our procurement team have the network and sourcing expertise to assist you.

Independent Vendor

As a fully independent company, we offer an impartial, vendor-agnostic viewpoint with no hidden agenda.

Asset Management

We can help you track your inventory, from initial procurement through to disposal ensuring catalogue accuracy and legal compliance.

The Evaris approach

We help organisations source technology simply and cost effectively, ensuring that their purchased solutions align with their strategic objectives and can therefore deliver tangible business value. Evaris provides a fully managed procurement service encompassing the complete IT lifecycle. 

Speak to us about our IT recycling service which allows you to offset the capital expenditure associated with new technology equipment against your obsolete IT infrastructure.

The Evaris difference

At Evaris, we adopt a strategic view on procurement - it’s not always just about supplying a kit list, we look beyond the transaction itself and ensure compatibility of new equipment with existing systems. 

Taking this one stage further, our consultants will also aim to establish that your newly procured products/services are truly fit for purpose. Will they deliver tangible business value? We’ll quiz you on how they fit in with your current workflows and applications before procuring them. 

Introducing Live Optics

IT departments often lack the data required to make informed purchasing decisions, which can lead to overspending. This lack of information poses a challenge, as IT departments struggle to understand future resource allocation. As data centres move business resources towards a converged or cloud solution, this is likely to continue. 

Live Optics is a tool that allows users to record, visualise and collaborate with others to enable data-driven decisions. It gives users the ability to fully analyse current usage statistics through the installation of a single, small piece of software designed to run for a 24-hour period to measure key metrics. 

With Live Optics, users can easily and accurately discover usage insights for:            

  • Central process unit
  • Networking
  • Memory
  • Storage capacity
  • Storage input/output

It is also possible to: 

  • Document showback or chargeback utilisation to business units
  • Map previous-generation hardware to modern platforms
  • Provide clear insight to workloads during a support case
  • Create simulations, combining workloads to a converged environment or cloud


Should you outsource IT procurement?

An organisation’s procurement strategy can dramatically impact their profitability - get it right and it can be a powerful source of competitive advantage. Outsourcing procurement can yield numerous benefits, such as cost and efficiency savings, as well as access to expertise that isn’t available in-house. On the flip side, you’ll need to ensure certain control and continuity of service measures are in place. 

Should your organisation consider outsourcing technology procurement to a dedicated specialist? Our experienced team of consultants can certainly provide some guidance. Contact us for some friendly advice.



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