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Premium quality refurbished computers

Evaris supplies high quality professionally refurbished PCs and laptops from leading manufacturers such as HP and Dell. Every device we sell is passed through rigorous quality control processes to ensure it ships in as good as new condition. Backed by a one year return to base warranty as standard with the option to extend to 3 years, Evaris refurbished computers offer guaranteed quality for a fraction of the cost of comparable new equipment.

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Refurbished computers are a shrewd investment; they provide the specs you need to handle most workloads and allow your budgets to stretch further by providing huge savings over new equipment. 

Guaranteed quality and longevity

Every device we supply undergoes a comprehensive series of checks by our team of certified engineers prior to shipping. Nothing leaves our warehouse unless it meets our stringent quality standards. Our checks include:

  • Detailed visual inspection
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Optical drive
  • Screen / touchscreen / mouse buttons
  • CMOS, memory and battery diagnostics
  • Speakers and sound
  • I.O port inspections and testing
  • Internal and external cleaning

Key features and benefits

Buy Evaris refurbished to maximise your IT budget without sacrificing on quality.

Guaranteed Quality

We only source high quality, machines from premium brands that are in good working condition. We put all our stock through stringent tests and inspections to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Huge Savings

Our refurb range of products come with price tags that are a fraction of the latest new models. What’s more, they boast impressive specifications that are more than capable of handling many business applications. Why overpay when you don’t need to?

Next Day Delivery

Our significant stockholding and on-site team of technicians allows us to configure and ship most orders on the day of receipt for next day delivery.

First Class Service

A proactive, responsive and experienced team are on hand to consult and assist you at every step of the way both pre and post purchase

Full RTB Warranty Cover

Every machine ships with a minimum of a one year return to base warranty. Upgraded 3 year cover is also available.

Brand New SSDs

Where possible, we install a brand new solid state drive into every PC and laptop we supply offering superior performance and reliability over hard disk drives. 

Genuine Licensed Windows

If we install an operating system, we use official Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher licenses. Every laptop or PC shipped with an operating system will run on Windows 10 Pro.

Custom Configurations

We can assemble PCs or laptops to your required specifications. We also supply an extensive range of add-ons including software and anti-theft devices.

ISO Accredited

As a customer focused company, we’re committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, our products and our services. We’re independently audited to ensure we meet and maintain the highest quality standards.

We Buy Your Old Kit

Trade in your existing PCs and laptops to offset some costs  as well as ensuring safe, secure disposal of old equipment.


Stress-free, on-demand computing with full lifecycle management of your devices, optional data protection / cybersecurity and simple, predictable pricing.

Go Green

Buying refurbished helps meet WEEE obligations, reduces landfill and conserves precious raw materials. Reduce your carbon footprint, help with sustainability and protect our planet. 

The Evaris Difference

In a marketplace crowded by online retailers all seemingly offering similar propositions, it’s the fine details that truly make a difference. At Evaris, we believe it’s our obsession with quality and consistency that differentiate us from the competition. 

  • Unrivalled quality control - as well as our comprehensive multipoint inspection each device is also checked up to three times during processing including on arrival, during booking in and prior to despatch. All these checks are done in-house, no outsourcing.
  • No cost cutting measures - We only ever use brand new SSDs for storage unlike many competitors who opt to use second hand parts or cheaper, less reliable spinning hard drives. 
  • Microsoft Authorised Refurbished - All our Windows licenses are Microsoft original licenses and every machine ships with a sticker showing the license key.
  • Best in class packaging -  Your equipment has the best protection during transit using air sac technology packaging. Our boxes are tested to ISTA standards to withstand a drop of 2m without damage.
  • Outstanding support - Our internal team has the technical and commercial expertise to assist you both pre and post purchase. We’re always just a phone call away.

Choosing the perfect computer

With a multitude of PCs, desktops and laptops available and many factors to consider, how do you choose the perfect devices for your unique set of requirements? We’ve put together a short quiz to help guide you towards the ideal machine.


Alternatively, if you have a specification in mind or know roughly what you’re looking for we’ve got a tool to capture your requirements which we’ll translate into a quick, no obligation quotation. 

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