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Evaris provides industry-leading IT security solutions that protect organisations from breaches, mitigate risk and enable compliance.

Security underpins every Evaris solution and is intrinsic to every Evaris service. Our team of consultants have the skills and experience to devise bespoke security strategies that are aligned with the way your business operates.

In today’s fast moving digital workplace, technology is constantly changing which creates both complexity and uncertainty. Barely a week goes by without news of another high profile victim of cyber crime. The onslaught of increasingly sophisticated attacks make effective security practice paramount for any organisation. Evaris partners with both established and innovative emerging security vendors to offer a comprehensive portfolio of cyber security solutions that safeguard your organisation’s data, devices, people and reputation.

Key features & benefits

We provide strategic guidance and managed security services that offer robust, future-proof business protection without compromising your team’s productivity.

Network Security

Access and device management. Network control and protection from internal threats and external attacks.

Cyber Security Services

Protection from viruses, hacking, phishing, malware, ransomware, encryption and more.

Managed Security

Monitoring and proactive management of your workplace security freeing you to focus your resources on the business.

Penetration Testing

In-depth testing of your cyber security systems to expose vulnerabilities and improve resilience.

Cyber Essentials

We’re Cyber Essential certified and can help your organisation get certified with the Government’s leading certification too.

Endpoint Protection

We can safeguard your apps and data and prevent leakage across your PCs, laptops, mobiles and other devices whether company issued or BYOD.

Multifactor Authentication

Control who has access to what, when, where and for how long with our identity access management solutions.

DR & Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity through cloud-based failover in the event of a catastrophe.

GDPR Compliance

Evaris can help you comply with personal data protection laws and avoid potential fines.

Cyber Education

Humans are the weakest link in cyber security. Evaris can train your staff on best practice protecting you from expensive remediation costs.

Response Management

Rapid recovery to business as usual in the event of a virus, breach or a loss of data.

eSignature Solutions

Capture electronic signatures securely and enable digital workflows that boost efficiency and reduce costs.

The Evaris approach

Evaris employs a multi-faceted approach to security to ensure comprehensive protection at all levels within an organisation. We implement sophisticated technology, applications and controls to safeguard your entire business ecosystem. Our close working relationships with the leading security vendors ensures we maintain an up-to-date knowledge of the threat landscape and the latest information on the security solutions available. 

All these measures combine to provide a robust layer of protection but in order to achieve the best security possible, we underpin the hardware and software components with a suite of complementary managed services that empower your staff to work securely and mitigate risk.

The Evaris difference

Our aim is to liberate our customers from the uncertainty, risk, cost and resource associated with implementing and maintaining an effective security solution. We’ll steer you towards a commercially viable solution that’s fit for your business today and scalable for the longer term. Here are some of our key credentials:

  • Internal security expertise
  • CyberEssentials accredited
  • Strong partnerships with the leading security vendors
  • Impressive customer retention rates
  • Consultative approach with no hard sell and no hidden costs
  • Proactive, responsive and experienced team
  • Fixated on delivering competitive advantage through technology



Most companies believe they already have suitable measures in place to protect them from threats and attacks. In reality, the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber attacks means many companies are inadequately prepared. Find out if your business is properly protected by speaking to our security specialists today.




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