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Modular, software-defined infrastructure

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX is a high performance, modular infrastructure platform that will enable customers to flexibly configure and optimise their IT infrastructure for a wide variety of traditional, new and emerging workloads.  

Designed with Dell EMC kinetic infrastructure, PowerEdge MX is ideal for many workloads including dense virtualisation, a broad set of software-defined workloads, including SDS, networking and HCI, and big data analytic environments.

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Take a few minutes to assess your readiness for converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, so you can prepare for IT Transformation.



PowerEdge MX is a new modular solution ideally suited to the modern, software-defined data centre. It allows IT staff to break free from the bounds of technology silos and routine, daily and time consuming operational management. The PowerEdge MX delivers the innovation and longevity customers of all sizes need to realise their IT and digital transformations.  It delivers innovation in three key areas:

  • Flexible architecture - Create shared pools of disaggregated compute, storage and network resources to dynamically respond to changing needs. Elastic resource allocation enables non-disruptive, on-demand provisioning of system resources. The MX's multi-chassis architecture features open networking options for upgrade simplicity and future I/O flexibility.
  • Agile management - Unifies and secures automated infrastructure to increase team effectiveness, accelerate operations. There's a single management console for server, storage and networking with easy setup/updates and multiple at-the-box management options.
  • Responsive Design - Future proof architecture for investment protection as you grow and technology evolves. There's support for at least three server processor generations and MX is ready for 400GbE Ethernet and beyond. MX also features industry leading fabric, thermal architecture, mechanical design and control algorithms for dense configurations and future compatibility. 

Dynamically scale & respond to CHANGING NEEDS

  • Dynamic resourcing - Thanks to the MX's kinetic infrastructure, shared pools of disaggregated compute, storage and fabric resources can be configured and reconfigured to specific workload needs and requirements.  By creating on-the-fly hardware capacity, overprovisioning and stranded assets are reduced as performance and efficiency are optimised.
  • Pay as you grow expansion - The MX Scalable Fabric Architecture allows the MX9116n Fabric Switching Engine to seamlessly support up to 80 compute sleds across 10 MX7000 chassis via the ultra-low latency MX7116n Fabric Expander Module.  The MX9116n can also support rack servers and other Ethernet devices for a total of 104 devices.
  • Faster deployments - Automatic expansion from one to multiple chassis with zero-click discovery of components help increase IT effectiveness. MX supports customisable profiles and personalities which can be associated with a slot or a server.
  • Increased vSAN performance - PowerEdge MX is optimized for vSAN with  scalable in-server and local-attached storage, low-latency high-speed networking and OpenManage integration for VMWare vCenter.

Performance and capacity to suit a wide range of demanding workloads

Infrastructure solutions offering no-compromise compute, a rich set of storage options and high-speed networking ready for expansion.



Increase effectiveness and accelerate operations

Agile management increase effectiveness and accelerate operations 

  • Holistic control of compute, storage and fabrics -  there's one user interface for all deployment, management and update tasks.
  • Simple management at any scale - the modular edition scales to 20 chassis.  Redundant chassis manager and Redundant multi-chassis manager are embedded. OpenManage Enterprise is packaged as a virtual appliance.
  • Flexible at-the-box management - Multiple options to suit your preferences. Quick Sync 2 (wireless) OpenManage Mobile to chassis using Bluetooth secured point to point high speed wireless connection; touchscreen LCD panel for initial setup, communicating host information and error conditions; traditional crash cart, simple keyboard/display interface, access to iDRACs chassis manager, CLI and GUI services.
  • Worry free automation - iDRAC9 with Lifecycle Controller automates common management tasks like deployment, configuration and updates slashing server OPEX.  MX's innovative agent free architecture ensures consistent management across any environment – from containers to operating systems and virtual machines.  Innovative Quick Sync 2 for easier at the box deployment and trouble-shooting using a mobile device.  Embedded SupportAssist tools speed resolution of service issues automatically.

Protect infrastructure & INVESTMENT

The MX's responsive design maximises longevity and delivers investment protection

  • Streamline transition to new fabric generations and architectures - 
    The industry-leading no mid-plane design will scale to support new processor technologies, new storage types and new connectivity innovations well into the future.
  • Enable cooling of denser, higher power configurations - 
    Support for dense configurations through industry-leading thermal architecture and control algortihms.
  • Forward thinking design - Multi-generational assurance with support for at least three server processor microarchitecture generations.
  • Integrated cyber-resilience - PowerEdge MX delivers an immutable silicon-based chain of trust and combines it with comprehensive management tools to provide robust layers of security across hardware and firmware.  The result is an integrated Cyber-Resilient Architecture that provides a hardened server design to protect, detect and recover form cyber-attacks.

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