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The server is the most important component of a modern IT infrastructure and is a pivotal source of competitive advantage for a business. Servers typically have to juggle multiple workloads providing high performance, high agility and strong security. Meeting these conflicting requirements (sometimes 24/7) as cost effectively as possible puts a huge burden of responsibility on the server. 

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers deliver a worry-free infrastructure that is automated, secure and scalable - with no compromises. Whether you’re running a global organisation, a midsize or small company, Dell EMC PowerEdge servers allow you to simplify your operations and optimise efficiency with flexible platforms and embedded intelligence designed for the widest range of applications.


Choose a base model and add on your required options or select from our range of our popular preconfigured server bundles.

Choose from a complete portfolio of 1-2- and 4 socket tower and rack servers to deliver high core density for your traditional applications, visulisation and cloud-native workloads

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Take advantage of the great savings and fast delivery times with our selection of branded server bundles. All bundles arrive fully assembled and tested for immediate deployment and have full Dell warranty cover.

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Advanced servers, accelerated business

  • Scalable business architecture - On demand capacity scalability & performance to adapt to all workload demands with no compromises.
  • Intelligent automation - Automate the entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement. Deploy remotely in minutes, dramatically increase productivity.
  • Integrated security - Protect your business and your customers thanks to robust & reliable security bult into the hardware and firmware of every server.



In today’s fast-moving digital world, organisations are increasingly turning to technology as a competitive differentiator in driving higher customer engagement, enabling new business models and keeping ahead of the competition. However, unless they’ve already invested in the latest innovations, that existing technology is highly likely to be holding them back.

A modernised IT infrastructure is critical for business success and organisations that fail to upgrade legacy IT will inevitably fall behind as they find that existing systems are constrained, inflexible and not equipped to meet modern workload demands. Maintaining outdated infrastructure leads to false economies as it leads to a greater loss o f time, productivity and money than if the business simply refreshed their infrastructure. In fact, IDC research shows that a required server refresh can pay for itself in less than 1 year!


Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G with OpenManage Enterprise unifies the server management experience and provides full data centre monitoring. Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise is a new virtualised enterprise system management console with application plug-ins, an easy-to-use interface and customisable reporting.


Take advantage of great savings and fast delivery times with our selection of branded server bundles. All bundles are covered by the full manufacturer warranty and shipped from stock to arrive fully assembled and tested for immediate deployment.

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Evaris offers a range of complementary products and services to help maximise the value from your investment in Dell EMC servers.



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