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ESET security solutions enable businesses to exploit technology safely and securely in today’s digital world. Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, ESET has a  presence in over 200 countries and their award winning threat detection and antivirus solutions help safeguard more than 110 million users worldwide.

With customised IT security solutions to suit small, mid-size and enterprise organisations, ESET has been winning industry awards for complete endpoint protection for more than 20 years. ESET’s unique multilayered, cloud-augmented technologies offer the most advanced malware protection available and are the result of over 30 years of continuous technology R&D and innovation. 


Why choose Evaris as your ESET partner?

  • Complete cyber security protection - From product selection right through to configuration, deployment and ongoing protection, Evaris are ideally placed to define and implement your cyber security solution. 
  • Experienced, certified team - As ESET partners we’ve got the technical and product expertise necessary to ensure you remain secure in the face of an increasingly complex and ever evolving threat landscape. 
  • Consultative approach -  We take time to understand, advise, educate and improve your security profile.
  • Award-winning customer service - Our credentials stack up too. We have long standing relationships with clients and have attracted numerous testimonials and case studies for the security solutions we’ve implemented.


ESET delivers comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware and malware. It works by constantly scanning your network for viruses, rootkits, worms and spyware. Before they’re allowed to wreak havoc, ESET stops these malicious programmes and quarantines them in an area where they cannot do any damage to your systems and your business. 

Endpoint Security

Award winning comprehensive protection for computers and mobile devices featuring antimalware, anti-phishing and anti-theft. Web filtering, remote administration and firewall in a light footprint with no system slowdowns.

Server Security

Cross platform security solutions that stop malicious and suspicious traffic at the perimeter, safeguard your mail servers, virtual machines, SharePoint environments and protect your physical hosts. 

Remote Management

Affordable cloud or on premise security management with real-time reporting and single console administration.

Threat Analysis

Dynamic threat prevention using cloud based sandboxing technology that detects never seen before and zero day threats.

Data Security

Safeguard your business environment and meet security obligations with software that encrypts data and stops breaches and, provides comprehensive backup and DR.


Ultra strong multifactor authentication for safe, straight-forward network access with fast setup and  support for multiple authentication methods. 

Network Security

Network traffic analysis software using AI, machine learning and big data to secure operations for enterprise, public sector and critical infrastructure users.


ESET allows you to take a holistic approach to your cyber security. Get in touch with our security team to discuss how ESET can protect your organisation and to arrange a free trial.



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