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Bring cloud agility, scalability, and simplicity to the enterprise data centre with HPE SimpliVity. Streamline IT operations with a fast, uncomplicated, and efficient hyper-converged platform at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings.

HPE’s hyper-converged infrastructure range includes servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software for IT infrastructure management and automation. HPE’s Composable Fabric software increases agility, reduces operational costs, and allows you to scale your HPE SimpliVity solution without friction.

Evaris has HPE and hyperconverged infrastructure experts who are well placed to consult, specify, source and deploy the entire portfolio of HPE products and services.

Take a few minutes to assess your readiness for converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, so you can prepare for IT Transformation.



Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) combines compute, storage, networking, and virtualisation, along with data services inside a single hyper-converged node. 

Hyper-converged nodes are powerful, scalable building blocks for virtualised environments which allow you to step up to the next level of infrastructure in small increments, as needed.


Hyper-convergence means more than just merging storage and compute into a single solution. When the entire IT stack of multiple infrastructure components are combined into a software-defined platform, you can accomplish complex tasks in minutes instead of hours. Hyper-convergence gives you the agility and economics of cloud with the enterprise capabilities of on-premise infrastructure.

Introducing HPE SimpliVity

By combining world-leading HPE infrastructure with pioneering SimpliVity software, HPE SimpliVity can do it all. While other options only bring together storage, servers and network switching, HPE SimpliVity unites all IT infrastructure with advanced data services, allowing virtualised workloads and unbelievable performance. And here’s the truly unexpected part: despite being the industry’s most complete and powerful solution, HPE SimpliVity is 73% cheaper to own than traditional infrastructure.

New AI-enabled hyper-converged infrastructure

InfoSight for HPE SimpliVity helps you better manage VMs, data, and backups by providing insight to system details. Learn historic capacity consumption, trends, and forecasts at federation, cluster, and node levels.

91% increase in time for innovation

Simplify day-to-day operations with policy-based, VM-centric management, combined with powerful automation and intelligence. Enable seamless data mobility that makes your development teams and users more productive.

Built-in backup and disaster recovery

Eliminate the need for third-party data protection. HPE SimpliVity delivers the resilience, built-in backup, and bandwidth-efficient replication you need to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability.

Game-changing data efficiency

The data efficiency baked into HPE SimpliVity improves application performance, frees up storage, and accelerates local and remote backup and restore functions. Customers are guaranteed 90% capacity savings across storage and backup combined.

True hyper-convergence

The networking component of your hyper-converged solution shouldn’t be an afterthought, but a pre-integrated, pre-tested component. Hyper-converge the complete IT stack and manage compute, storage stack compute, storage, and networking all from a single, familiar vSphere management console.

Friction-free scalability

Scale up to 16 nodes/cluster and 96 nodes/federation and choose from 3 to 40 TB nodes for storage capacity.

HPE SimpliVity 380

The industry’s most complete hyper-converged solution with policy-based, VM-centric management and always-on compression and deduplication.

HPE SimpliVity 2600

The same resilient software as HPE SimpliVity 380, in a hyper-efficient, rack-dense form factor that’s ideal for VDI environments.

HPE Composable Fabric

Simple to deploy, manage, and non-disruptively scale, the HPE Composable Fabric is the ideal solution to support machine-to-machine workloads on a single fabric.


Take a few minutes to assess your readiness for converged and hyper-converged infrastructure, so you can prepare for IT Transformation.



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