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Hewlett Packard Storage options include all-flash, cloud and software-defined systems for entry, midrange and enterprise businesses. Increase performance, save money, and improve IT efficiency with Hewlett Packard storage. SAN, NAS, Flash - we have you covered.

  • HPE InfoSight lowers operating costs up to 79%
  • HPE Cloud Bank lowers storage costs by up to 20%
  • Storage as a Service - save up to 30% on storage costs with GreenLake Flex Capacity

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Are you ready for an All Flash Data Center?


All-flash & Hybrid Storage


The world’s most intelligent storage for mission-critical apps that deliver extreme resiliency and performance with the agility of the cloud.


Reliably fast, radically simple, and cloud-ready flash arrays. Deploy workloads on-premises with converged infrastructure, and to public cloud.

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Tier 1 flash arrays that scale from midsize to the largest enterprises, for instant application provisioning and high levels of service.


Flexible, affordable file storage appliances and gateways for small and midsize businesses plus the branch offices of distributed organisations.

MSA Storage

Affordable flash-enabled storage arrays for small to medium businesses with outstanding performance, easy setup and simple management.

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Provision, monitor, and automate storage operations from VMware vCenter and vRealize, Microsoft System Center, OpenStack, configuration management tools and containers.

StoreEver Tape Storage

Proven tape technology to retain your data for longer and protect your business for less.

Enterprise Scoping

Application performance, uptime, and data protection are only as solid as your infrastructure foundation. With HPE storage, you'll get a predictive, cloud-ready, and timeless storage infrastructure. 


An enterprise-grade hyperconverged platform uniting best-in-class data services with the world’s bestselling server

Network Storage

Modernising or upgrading your network can be the key to making a step change in your storage solutions. Agile HPE StoreFabric host adapters, multi-protocol switches, highly scalable directors and Smart SAN automation software for Hybrid IT and cloud-optimised storage can improve reliability, performance and reduce human error.


Business application specific storage

Enterprise applications require high-performing and flexible storage to meet evolving business needs.

Performance - Achieve high IOPs, extremely low latencies, and assured QoS for mixed workloads, even for the most demanding workloads.

Scalability - Keep pace with ever-increasing data storage needs, growing safely into petabyte scale. Build and manage a storage infrastructure using highly scalable block, file, and object storage.

Availability - Trust in the industry’s only HPE enterprise flash portfolio with six nines of guaranteed availability for both multi-tenant cloud and ITaaS environments.

Disaster Recovery - Rely on quick, simple, application-integrated replication and backup and recovery solutions for any type of data—from server workloads to user account information


Outcome-based IT consumption delivers a range of benefits that you can’t get from
solutions solely built from scratch or bought from the public cloud. HPE GreenLake delivers
the best of both worlds, enabling:

  • Faster Time to Value - Implement faster and get your workloads running quickly. Grow and evolve ahead of needs with active capacity planning, so capacity is always ready to provision in minutes, not months, for the next project or customer.
  • Cloud Economics - Benefit from a cost structure on par with public cloud. Use a simple pay-as-you-go metric — you tell us what you need, we deliver it, and then you pay for the outcome. Align IT spend to your business priorities with business-friendly payments.
  • Simplified IT Experience - Put your resources to work where they add value and offload the rest with one partner to optimize, operate, and support the full stack. Deliver reliability, availability, and resilience when you leverage the broad skills and efficiencies of HPE.
  • Proper Control - Maintain control over compliance, privacy, data sovereignty, latency, and security. Gain the transparency of usage and cost that you need to effectively govern IT. Move to consumption-based IT at your pace.


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