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The HPE MSA range of arrays provides seriously simple and affordable high performance storage to small and midsize organisations. The latest 5th generation MSA family delivers twice the performance of previous generation models at no extra cost to accelerate your applications with the flexibility to scale as your business grows.

No storage experience is required - MSA storage products are easy to install, use and maintain. Management is a breeze too thanks to a range of advanced data services including automated tiering, thin provisioning and remote replication. 

Is MSA right for your organisation?

Featuring a  powerful management toolset, virtualisation integration and excellent price performance, the MSA is a perfect fit for:

  • organisations looking for an entry level storage consolidation solution with excellent price performance and ease of use. 
  • Remote office and branch locations requiring a cost effective solution that can be duplicated across multiple sites.
  • Departmental block level storage solutions for midsize and enterprise organisations.
  • Small and midsize organisations running physical and virtualised mainstream business applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and more 

MSA models

With a choice of models, you can start small and scale as you grow using any combination of SSD, enterprise or midline SAS drives.

MSA 1050

The MSA 1050 is an entry level flash ready shared storage system for budget conscious customers. The perfect choice for smaller IT workloads, the MSA 1050 comes with dual-controller arrays, four host ports and features iSCSI, FC and SAS host interface connectivity.

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MSA 2050

The MSA 2050 provides high performance, affordable application acceleration to small and medium sized businesses. With twice the performance of the previous MSA generation (> 200,000 IOPS) at no extra cost, the MSA 2050 delivers capabilities and features not typically found in an entry priced array.

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MSA 2052

The MSA 2052 us a hybrid flash storage array offering high performance, scalable and affordable storage for small to medium organisations. Featuring 16Tb of flash capacity included as standard and an all-inclusive software suite, the MSA 2052 provides affordable application acceleration, advanced data services and expanded data protection features to keep your business running.

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HPE MSA Software & Data Services

Performance tiering & archive tiering - Aggregate disk groups to create disk tiers. The automated MSA engine will move data between tiers based on its characteristics and performance requirements (e.g. frequently accessed data will move to a high availability tier whereas infrequently used files will shift to an archive tier).

Snapshot and volume copy - MSA 1050 and 2050 arrays come with 64 snaps (upgradeable via add-on license) whereas the MSA 2052 comes with 512 snapshots as standard. Volume Copies create up to 128 point-in-time copies of data. Instantly recover and revert data from any previous Snapshot or Volume Copy with backup data snapped to disk or tape without a backup window.

Remote snaps - HPE MSA Remote Snap Software provides remote data replication capabilities for MSA storage arrays. Snapshots are used to both track the data to be replicated as well as establish differences in data updated on the master volume. This helps minimise the volumes of data in transfer. Create multiple local recovery points to complement daily backups, access data via a remote site and ensure business continuity if there’s a failure on your primary site.

Advanced data services suite - Comes as standard with the MSA 2052 and available as a purchasable option for the MSA 2050 and MSA 1050. The suite provides performance tiering and archive tiering software, 512 snapshots and volume copy and remote snaps.



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