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Kemp simplifies how you optimise, analyse and secure applications anywhere.

Trusted by 25,000 + global customers, Kemp powers always-on application experience for enterprises and service providers. Leveraging an agile per-app ADC/load balancing consumption model, predictive analytics, and automated issue resolution, Kemp is setting the new standard for load balancing applications anywhere. Through their range of cloud-native, virtual and hardware-based load balancers, Kemp ensures application resilience and total flexibility on any platform.

With a wide range of load balancing products available, we want to make the selection process as easy as possible.

Use our load balancer selector tool to find the most suitable solution for you.


Why choose Evaris as your KEMP partner?

As a Kemp Authorised Partner, Evaris are recognised as experts and a leading provider in Kemp Technologies services and solutions. We are trained and adept at delivering and leveraging Kemp Load Balancers to provide high availability with access to the most competitive prices.

The KEMP advantage

Kemp provides unified, automated, elastic, application delivery services for the best application user experience. Kemp’s combination of application context and predictive capabilities minimises downtime and provides the insight you need for total control.

Elastic Scalability

Avoid traditional capacity planning limitations and scale up or down to suit demand with a flexible licensing model.

User Experience

Flag and take action on issues early to avoid problems affecting your user base.

Agnostic Support

Support for multiple ADC vendors, multi-platform deployments and hybrid deployed applications.

Cloud Friendly

Solutions designed for cloud environments including hybrid, multi, private or public.


Reduce time to market through zero-touch provisioning. Preemptively detect and resolve application delivery issues with automated incident response.


Leverage AI and Machine Learning to predict and preempt application issues and actively steer traffic based on business logic rules.

If you have any questions about a Kemp Technologies product or would like advice or a quotation speak to our Kemp accredited team today.



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