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Synology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, reliable, versatile and environmentally-friendly NAS, surveillance and networking solutions.

Established in 2000, the company’s ethos is to redefine how people use and manage data in today’s cloud driven world. Every Synology product is designed with storage, security, synchrony and shareability in mind. Synology NAS devices push the boundaries of traditional network storage systems featuring a host of innovative, cutting edge features that open up a wealth of usage applications.

Through its DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, which is found on every Synology NAS server, the brand helps businesses manage their data and digital assets intuitively both in and out of the office.

Why choose Evaris as your Synology partner?

  • Synology partners - As authorised Synology partners we have the credentials needed to advise you on the latest Synology products and services.
  • End to end service - From product selection right through to configuration, deployment and ongoing support we’ll help you get the Synology solution that’s right for your organisation. 
  • Fast response times - We’re an agile and flexible company which means we can offer the response speeds and flexibility that vendors and distributors typically struggle with. 
  • Award-winning customer service - Our credentials stack up too. We have long standing relationships with our customers and have attracted numerous testimonials and case studies for the technology solutions we’ve implemented.

Synology products are multi-functional devices suitable for a wide range of purposes. 


Dependable scalable and secure storage solutions for easy data sharing, streaming and high performance applications on premise or in the cloud.


Powerful, high speed routers with advanced yet intuitive management tools that allow you to fine tune the flow of data through your network. 


Safeguard your environment with dependable and intuitive surveillance systems featuring intelligent monitoring features and management tools.


A multitude of business grade applications to extend the functionality of your NAS solution, all accessible within a few clicks online.


Unlock powerful, advanced features on your Synology products with various license packs readily available via Evaris.


A comprehensive suite of add-ons to extend and enhance your Synology devices including expansion units, rail kits, RAM, add-in cards and spares.

Our catalogue features a range of Synology products that are specifically designed to suit the needs of businesses across any industry.



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