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Synology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, reliable, versatile and environmentally-friendly NAS, surveillance and networking solutions.

Established in 2000, the company’s ethos is to redefine how people use and manage data in today’s cloud driven world. Every Synology product is designed with storage, security, synchrony and shareability in mind. Synology NAS storage devices push the boundaries of traditional network storage systems featuring a host of innovative, cutting edge features that open up a wealth of usage applications.

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Through its DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system, which is found on every Synology NAS server, the brand helps businesses manage their data and digital assets intuitively both in and out of the office.

With a wide range of Synology products to offer, we want to make the selection process as easy as possible.

Use our NAS selector tool to find the most suitable NAS server for you.


Why choose Evaris as your Synology partner?

  • Synology partners - As authorised Synology partners we have the credentials needed to advise you on the latest Synology products and services.
  • End to end service - From product selection right through to configuration, deployment and ongoing support we’ll help you get the Synology solution that’s right for your organisation. 
  • Fast response times - We’re an agile and flexible company which means we can offer the response speeds and flexibility that vendors and distributors typically struggle with. 
  • Award-winning customer service - Our credentials stack up too. We have long standing relationships with our customers and have attracted numerous testimonials and case studies for the technology solutions we’ve implemented.

The Synology Software Suite Includes

All Flash Arrays

Elevate your business to the next level with All Flash Synology FlashStation storage arrays.

  • Advanced data protection - Application-aware Snapshot Replication for LUN
  • RAID F1 - Enhanced resilience of storage pool with a RAID algorithm specifically designed for SSDs
  • Service continuity - Ensure service uptime with built-in Synology High Availability package. Backed by Synology’s SRS next-business day replacement service, UK-based support
  • Wide range of SSD compatibility - Use any SSD of your choice without vendor lock-in.

FlashStation Test & Buy

Test out a Synology All Flash Array in your own IT environment. Synology offers a free 30-day trial on the FlashStation of your choice. See for yourself how they handle I/O intensive and latency sensitive applications at the fraction of the cost of traditional enterprise class solutions.  

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Our catalogue features a range of Synology products that are specifically designed to suit the needs of businesses across any industry.



There's a plethora of apps and add-on packages available to expand the value and functionality of your Synology NAS. To pick just a few examples, you can back up files to the cloud, share photos online, set up a VPN or add in antivirus protection for your NAS. Download over 100 business, security, multimedia and productivity utilities via the Synology Package Centre in just a few clicks.



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