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Introducing VMware

Today’s digital world means every business must embrace technology in order to achieve operational efficiency, improved productivity and deliver better customer experiences. VMware solutions enable your organisation to address the business priorities and IT initiatives required for digital transformation.

VMware’s modern, integrated IT architecture transforms the IT function by virtualising computing, from the data centre to the cloud to mobile devices unifying infrastructure silos and legacy applications. Trusted by more than 500,000 customers worldwide, VMware is committed to providing the fastest route to the cloud, first-class support, industry leading solutions and outstanding choice and flexibility.

Why choose Evaris as your VMware partner?

  • Experienced, certified team - As a  VMware Solution Provider Professional Partner. we’ve got the technical and product expertise necessary to ensure we recommend, specify and deliver the best VMware solutions for your organisation.
  • A complete service - Wherever you happen to be on your cloud or digital transformation journey, we’ve got you covered. From product selection right through to configuration, deployment and ongoing protection, Evaris are with you every step of the way. 
  • Fast response times - We can offer the speed, responsiveness and flexibility that traditional vendors and distributors typically struggle to deliver. 
  • Award-winning customer service - Our credentials stack up too. We build long standing relationships with our clients and have attracted numerous testimonials and case studies for the cloud solutions we’ve implemented.

IT as a Service (IaaS)

VMware products and services allow you to achieve significantly more through your IT at dramatically reduced costs. Server virtualisation was introduced by VMware over a decade ago and has become an industry standard technology used in most data centres worldwide. The cost and operational benefits associated with virtualisation can be extended to the entire data centre using VMware products covering storage, networking, security and management. The result is a highly adaptive data centre that can respond rapidly to fluctuating demand, scaling system resources up or down to suit performance or application needs and user requirements.

Beyond the data centre, VMware solutions also cover the digital workplace with solutions to enable secure content sharing and collaboration across desktop and mobile environments underpinned by identity and security management capabilities. Use VMware to turn your desktops, business applications and data into centrally managed IT services that can be securely delivered to any device in any location.


Accelerate your digital transformation

VMware’s unique integrated architecture gives you a secure and flexible digital foundation with the freedom and control you need to accelerate your digital transformation and support your business objectives both now and in the future.

Use any device - VMware’s platform helps you deliver and manage apps and data on any type and number of devices simply and securely.

Support any app - Future proof your business thanks to a common environment to deploy, manage and secure your entire app portfolio whether on premise, cloud, SaaS or legacy.

Select any cloud - Run, manage and connect your complete app portfolio on your choice of clouds with consistent operations and infrastructure.



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