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Abertay University

  • We caught up with Dr Paul Robertson from Abertay University to discuss a Prowise purchase from Evaris
  • The purchase of a 42” Prosise touch screen will help with a number of special research projects

As the home of world-leading research teams delving deep into the realms of everything from soil bioinformatics to innovative visualisation of complex datasets, technology remains close to the heart of everything at Abertay University, and so it is no surprise that the learning institute strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to IT purchases.

Dr Paul Robertson, Programme Leader for Computer Games Application Development at the University’s Division of Games and Art, School of Arts and Media and Computer Games, spoke to Evaris about the Division’s purchase of a 42” Prowise touch screen with accompanying all-in-one lift and PC module, which came about as part of a redevelopment of the interaction laboratory. Dr Robertson explained the equipment will be used in prototyping and research projects, including those revolving around computer games and simulation projects.

While the impact of the touch screen has not yet been measured, it will become an integral aspect of the laboratory’s work in the future, allowing further opportunities for research. For this reason, the Division is planning further IT spending that is beyond the remit of everyday equipment.

“We were directed to Evaris through our need for this specialised piece of equipment,” Dr Robertson explained, adding: “It was apparent that Evaris was one of only a few places where we could purchase Prowise from physical stock. We were extremely satisfied with the service provided by them, and we would look to them in the future for further purchases.” Mike Cohen, CEO at Evaris, added “We’re proud of our association with Abertay University. The Prowise solution we supplied works out of the box and will pave the way for improved collaboration to help further the work of the research teams.”

In his role as a lecturer at Abertay University, Dr Robertson spends much of his time interacting with students studying on computer games courses through both a formal lecture setting and in practical sessions. On top of this, he is a member of a research group exploring interaction and data visualisation.

The Prowise touch screen and modules are set to be used in both contexts, with one student project developing a game using the product. There are also plans to integrate the device into the Division’s research lab in the future.

About Abertay University

Based in the heart of Dundee, Abertay University offers world-leading courses in computer arts, computer games technology, environmental sciences and ethical hacking. With some of the best IT facilities in the UK, the University was accredited as the first UK Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education in 2009.

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