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BC Technologies

  • IT support must help firms develop, not just exist
  • Fast response times are crucial
  • Evaris sources and suggests the right IT infrastructure for BC Technologies’ customers

The changing face of IT support

Solid IT support is crucial for companies across all sectors and can make the difference between five minutes of downtime and an entire day of lost business. This has been the case for more than two decades, but during this time, the face of IT support has changed dramatically. Many tasks can now be done remotely, no longer requiring a site visit or an entire day with an engineer to fix physical flaws. But this doesn’t mean less work for IT support firms; in fact, they must now play a more integral role within their clients’ firm than ever before, helping them to develop and use IT as a business enabler. BC Technologies is one such organisation, which specialises in proactive IT support. And thanks to a strong partnership with Evaris, BC Technologies is also able to supply hardware, alongside handling software and connectivity sales.

Shared values
Good customer service is central to Evaris values and this is shared by BC Technologies. The firm sought a partner that would contribute towards the vision of company founder Brendon Wallace, who established the business in 1994 with the aim of creating a new breed of IT support focussed solely on clients’ needs. Both firms understand the importance of fast response times, efficiency and value for money, which in turn leads to greater satisfaction from clients. With cloud-based storage, collaboration and online resources changing the way businesses operate, there is more pressure than ever to resolve issues quickly and to deliver projects on time, to strict budgets.  

A full service
Prior to working with Evaris, BC Technologies took on the role of sourcing hardware when clients required it, but this activity was time consuming and required a wealth of specialist product knowledge. The current partnership removes these issues and involves a simple conversation whereby BC Technologies briefs Evaris on client needs and products are sourced and presented accordingly, with the team ensuring compatibility and offering competitive pricing. Customers have given glowing feedback on the partnership, remarking on the speed that BC Technologies is able to install servers that fit their needs completely.

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