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Ilford County High School

  • Gary Catlin, ICT Systems Manager at Ilford County High School, spoke to us about his technology purchases from Evaris
  • Technology plays an essential role in the development of pupils, and is also important for the smooth running of wider operations
  • Ilford County High School is currently rolling out plans to update its IT infrastructure, so the backbone is expanded from 1GB to 10GB

Ilford County High School purchased a number of components from Evaris as part of its wider plans to expand an outdated IT infrastructure. The products ranged from new 10GB switches, to PoE modules, and a chassis storage enclosure that will help the school’s IT department in its current strategy to upgrade the backbone of its IT infrastructure from 1GB to 10GB.

The use of cutting-edge equipment will lead to enhanced performance in the school’s IT department, while also bringing about further development in the future. With upwards of £20,000 invested into IT at the school since April, it is obvious that development in this area is an integral part of operations.

As a smaller grammar school, Ilford County does not enjoy the same levels of funding as its larger counterparts. For this reason, finding essential equipment that is of the highest quality, but at the lowest price, is of utmost importance, and the IT department is always on the lookout for the best possible deal.

Speaking about his dealings with Evaris, Gary Catlin said: “We were extremely pleased with the products we received from Evaris. To us, price and quality are of extreme importance, and thanks to reading positive reviews about Evaris online, we were directed to their website.

“We received a great level of help and guidance from their staff, and would definitely buy from them again. We would certainly recommend buying from them to others.”

Mr Catlin’s role as ICT Systems Manager at Ilford County High School means he is responsible for  the entire IT system at the learning institute. His day-to-day activities include a variety of tasks, such as dealing with IT issues, telephones, LCD display screens and CCTV systems, which are currently all running on the old infrastructure. However, with further investment in equipment, the school will be brought up to date.

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