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Whitefield Jewish Primary School

  • Evaris provided Prowise equipment to Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School, which has proved invaluable to the children’s learning
  • The school purchased a Prowise 55-inch, 10-point multi-touch anti-glare full HD LED touchscreen, a Prowise HD PC module with Windows 8.1 Pro, Core i5, 4Gb RAM, Wi-Fi B/G/N, and a Prowise all-in-one lift

Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School purchased three pieces of Prowise equipment from Evaris, which has helped to promote fun, collaborative learning for pupils. The primary school invested in a 55-inch Prowise HD screen, along with a HD PC module and an all-in-one lift.

Ideal for use in learning institutions, the LED touchscreen promotes cloud-based interaction and collaboration, bringing classrooms into the 21st century. Used alongside the Prowise all-in-one lift, the equipment can be tilted and lowered to serve as a table-top, which helps to make lessons more flexible and fun.

The screens also come with up to 10-point touch, meaning they can be used by several children at the same time, making it the ideal solution for group-based work and helping to develop teamwork at a key stage in the pupils’ lives. With this type of equipment, teachers are not restricted and can utilise the screens when teaching any subject across the entire curriculum.

What’s more, the built-in computers are easily connected to Wi-Fi, meaning they can be used anywhere and at any time, allowing both pupils and members of staff to collaborate on key projects. There are no hidden costs either, as the nature of the software eliminates the need to pay for new modules.

Working with Evaris
Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School was extremely pleased with our service, and had the following to say: “This new Prowise equipment has revolutionised the way we deliver lessons to our pupils, promoting teamwork and collaboration throughout the school. Evaris was helpful throughout the buying process, and we would certainly work with them again.”

BWJPS was established in 1984 by a group of parents as a primary school for the community. Praised by OFSTED, the school has grown and developed, and has an established track record of providing excellent state education.


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