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Choosing the right server for your unique business needs is a considerable challenge faced by organisations in any industry. Finding the perfect solution for your current requirements - and one that will support any future expansion - can be particularly difficult. However, we’re on hand to assist. 

Rack servers are one of the most popular options for small businesses, allowing even the smallest operations to enjoy multiple benefits, without the need for endless floorspace. With this in mind, we offer our take on five of the best below. 

1) Dell PowerEdge R330 Rack Server 


The Dell PowerEdge R330 Rack Server is an ideal entry-level option for start-up businesses, or those with offices where space is a a premium. It provides full-function remote management, and extensive storage capacity, while its flexible storage options mean it is perfect for smaller firms with rapidly-growing data sets. 

Your pain points: 

  • This product will allow you to overcome current storage limitations with internal storage that can be optimised for affordability, capacity and high performance. 
  • You’ll be empowered to drive faster performance while providing capacity for growth. 
  • The R330 will allow you to simplify and protect IT investment - with an adaptable server with room for growth. 

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2) Dell PowerEdge R640 Rack Server 



With the Dell PowerEdge R640, users can take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by scalable computing and storage in a 1U twin socket chassis. This equates to a great mix of performance and all-important affordability in a compact footprint. 

The ideal user of this solution would be a regular user of cloud applications, virtualisation and web technology. 

Choose this product if: 

  • You are looking for a faster, denser database solution 
  • You’re looking for a dense software defined storage node 
  • You want to expand concurrent users without increasing your business’s data centre footprint

3) Dell PowerEdge R740 Rack Server 



If you’re a small business with plans for big growth, the Dell PowerEdge R740 is an ideal next step for your enterprise. This solution offers more capabilities for expansion thanks to its larger chassis, which accommodates a range of accelerator cards, storage and compute power. 

Users of the R740 can rest assured that any plans they have for desktop virtualisation, AI and machine learning will be supported by this innovative solution. 

Your current challenges

This product could be perfect for you if you are: 

  • Running up against the processing limits of older generation servers, and require more memory and CPU performance 
  • Looking for more expendability and consolidation from your current solution 
  • Looking to introduce AI/machine learning into your workplace 

4) HP ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Rack Server 



The HP ProLiant DL360 is a versatile, dense form factor server that supports most dynamic workloads, including office, virtualisation, database and high-performing computing applications. One of its main draw factors is its ability to mix and match multiple storage options within a single chassis. 

Its security features are a key factor too, allowing users to protect, detect and remove with built-in features such as Silicon Root of Trust, Runtime Firmware Validation and Secure Recovery. 

Other notable specs include: 

  • Industry-leading performance with Versatile Compute 
  • Innovative design for flexibility and choice 
  • Security innovations 
  • Industry leading serviceability and deployment 

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5) Hewlett Packard ProLiant DL380 Gen10 Rack Server 



The HP ProLiant DL380 is the industry-leader when it comes to multi-load workload computing. Its large chassis, outstanding performance and built-in adaptability/expansion capabilities mean you can run a bit of everything, from the most basic to mission-critical applications and deploy each of them with confidence. 

Key features include: 

  • A flexible design, which makes your investment expand as your business needs to grow 
  • Security innovations - including silicon root of trust built in across the server life cycle 
  • World-class performance 
  • Ease of deployment

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