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At Evaris, we speak to small business owners on a daily basis, so we think we know them pretty well. One of the things we notice time and time again is that many SME owners seem fairly reluctant to migrate their IT network and operations to the cloud, as fears over security and a lack of knowledge in this area continue to put them off.
In the past few years, we’ve also seen some company owners express fears that the cloud is simply “too new” for them to trust, while for others, the lack of a strong internet connection in certain locations has meant that they have been unable to take advantage of its benefits.

One certainty remains, no matter how good your cloud computing capabilities are, it’s no good if you can’t access it. That said, broadband connections are constantly improving across the country, so these places are becoming fewer and further between.

What is particularly interesting to witness is that many businesses are using cloud computing without realising it, and when the penny finally drops, many of them wonder why they hadn’t migrated entirely to the cloud years ago.

We’ve seen countless firms adopt the use of Dropbox, Office365 or Software-as-a-Service CRM of some sort, as well as Hubspot or Mailchimp, meaning they are fairly advanced when it comes to adopting the cloud, but are still unaware of the power it harnesses.

Many opportunities could be missed by those SMEs that fail to explore the benefits that new offerings could bring to their business. Long gone are the days where the most functional software was priced for the large corporation only, requiring big expensive databases or servers to run it. These days, the cloud brings per-user pricing and more flexible billing and maintenance options, empowering small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts at a fraction of the cost.

Overall, it’s time for small businesses to harness the power offered by modern cloud solutions, and take some time to consider how revolutionary these solutions could be for their operations. Those failing to do so are at risk of jeopardising their growth prospects when other small businesses are taking the leap.

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