7 safety pointers to keep cyber tricksters at bay
With Halloween creeping up on us, here are 7 handy cyber safety tips to help keep those pesky cyber attackers at bay.
Why your employees are the biggest threat to IT security
The increasing intensity and sophistication of data breaches mean that businesses are right to be concerned about the ongoing risk to their corporate data.
Support our petition to make the NCSC’s Cyber Essentials mandatory for all UK businesses
Evaris believes there needs to be a minimum legal standard of IT security to protect vulnerable businesses and individuals against cyber attacks. Please sign our petition today.
Five ways hackers could be stealing your data
It is impossible to deny that hackers are developing more complex viruses and malware techniques all the time, and while many businesses view this as the most pressing threat to their IT infrastructure, they very often overlook the dangers posed by individual members of staff.
Momo challenge a hoax but the threat is real…
The press hysteria surrounding the Momo challenge is finally subsiding but despite confirmation that this is just the latest digital hoax spread by fake news, it raises important some important cyber security questions.
How educators and employers can help close the IT security skills gap
The need for computing and IT skills in the workplace is growing at an exponential rate - far outpacing the actual supply of qualified professionals with the skills required to keep pace with technological advancements.
Why your business should adopt the Zero Trust model
IT security consistently proves to be one of the most pressing issues for organisations of all sizes, in all industries, in the digital era. Even the smallest operations find themselves under threat from cyber attacks.
Is your router a cyber security risk?
Some internet routers are likely to be affected by a major security flaw that could allow hackers to infiltrate home networks.
Some of the most common threats to your network and how to combat them
The increasing sophistication of virtual security threats being used to infiltrate company networks has resulted in businesses across the globe having to tighten their security strategies, but even the most rigid systems are rendered useless without understanding from all employees.
Top password tips for safeguarding your business’s sensitive data
The threat of hacking is growing, that much is impossible to deny. Unfortunately, IT professionals are very often fighting a losing battle when it comes to encouraging their colleagues to adopt stricter security measures when carrying out their day-to-day duties. Passwords are just one area in which employees regularly fall short of what is required.
How to carry out an IT security audit
When we say “IT security”, businesses run a mile - that just seems to be the way things work. Unfortunately, we know that, despite the heavy reliance placed upon technology in the digital age, safeguarding, protecting and developing your security efforts just seems like a step too far for a surprising number of businesses.
Are bored employees posing the biggest risk to data security?
A recent poll by Centrify revealed that employees who become distracted at work are more likely to pose a security risk to the business. The data reveals more than a third (35%) of respondents said distractions and boredom are the main causes of human error, while other causes include heavy workloads (19%), excessive policies and compliance regulations (5%), social media (5%) and password sharing (4%). Worryingly, 8% believe human error is caused by not recognising data security responsibilities in the workplace.
The importance of secure network infrastructure
Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. All hardware and software needs to work and function in order for your organisation to perform to the very best of its capabilities. But, one of the biggest threats to your network infrastructure and your business is security. You need to keep your network secure to avoid situations like the recent WannaCry cyber attack.
IoT security threats and how to beat them
The increasing adoption of connected devices within businesses of all sizes, known as the Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic at the moment, and has many tech commentators feeling rather excited. It’s no wonder really, IoT is seen by many as the starting point of the most anticipated movement of our generation - Industry 4.0 - which is set to completely revolutionise the way we work and live.
Choosing a firewall - it’s no joke
There seems to be a distinct lack of urgency among a worrying number of businesses when it comes to protecting their data against cyber attacks and infiltration. Cyber security affects everyone, from at-home PC users to multi-billion pound corporations, as well as those somewhere in the middle. So, it’s time to take it seriously.

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